Advanced Intermediate 3 – Spanish Past Tense – Preterite and Imperfect

The Spanish Past Tense using the Preterite and Imperfect.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to a professional story teller you will perhaps have noticed that one of their skills is that of being able to weave the story together through the clever use of all the various past tenses.

To some extent we are all story tellers in our own right. Most days of our lives we tell our friends and family of things that have happened to us. Of course, there are those of us who can tell a great story, and there are others who struggle to keep their audience’s attention.

Why is that?

A lot of the problems can depend on their choice of past tense. Have you ever listened to someone who uses the Preterite tense too much? They list action after action, event after event, like as though it was a policeman’s report.

Then there are those who favour the Imperfect tense and fill their story with so much description that they leave you longing for some action so you end up saying to them: “Just get on with the story, will you?”

The Spanish past tense is no different

The same applies in Spanish, of course. To tell a great story you need to be able to command the Preterite and the Imperfect Spanish past tense and to be able to weave them together to create an interesting and gripping story.

In this free Spanish podcast we incorporate the Preterite and the Imperfect into stories of our recent holiday experiences. As you listen in, pay attention to the way the Imperfect is used to set the scene, and how the Preterite then brings in the action. ¡Dispara!

Remember that you already do this quite naturally in your own language and you can do it too in Spanish. All you need to do is ‘dominar’ the Spanish past tense in a confident way. This is the first in many podcasts that deal with the past. So, sit back and enjoy it!

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Beginner Spanish Podcast 3 – Alphabet H to Z

In this our third free Spanish lesson online for beginners, we continue to help you polish your Spanish pronunciation and gain greater speaking confidence by teaching you the rest of the Spanish alphabet. Listen in to discover how to develop your “R” sound so you talk like a true Spanish speaker.

¡Buena suerte!

Remember, in-depth, additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets for beginners.

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 4 – Directions in Spanish

Ever been lost in a Spanish speaking country? Frustrating isn’t it? How much better is it to have all the tools you need to find your way?

Listen in as we guide you, in the fourth of our intermediate Spanish lessons, through the vocabulary needed to not only ask, but understand directions when they are given to you by a Spanish speaker.

¡Siga todo recto!

Remember to make the most of all the additional information and guidance found in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Podcast 4 – Listening Practice in Spanish: Interview with Quique

In this podcast, we do a bit of listening practice in Spanish as we interview Quique Lorenzo, a full time footballer who currently plays for a team in Madrid. Quique has an interesting accent given that he is from Almería but has lived for many years in Cataluña.

Gordon does the interview with Quique which is a little ironic given that he knows absolutely nothing about football and has limited vocabulary on the subject. Se nota!

One of the interesting sides to the interview is the fact that Quique’s accent isn’t what you will usually hear on the podcasts from LightSpeed Spanish which tend to be centred around the Madrid area. Therefore, this is your challenge, to see if you are still able to capture what is being said.

Quique has since brought his football career to an end because of the crisis in Spain which was causing him to have to move around the country to find work. Perhaps you will be able to note a certain frustration when he talks of the instability of his work.

So listen in and test out your listening skills with a new voice and a different accent!

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Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 4 – The Future

In this free Spanish podcast, we discuss talking about the future in the Spanish language.

There’s a strange phenomenon that often occurs when students of Spanish first learn what is called the Future Indicative (I will…). Suddenly, they begin to use it constantly, whenever they are talking about anything beyond the now!

The surprising thing is that, although the future indicative has a place in spoken Spanish, it really isn’t the most common way of talking about the future. In fact, would you believe that there are much more simple ways to do that, without having to wade your way through those complicated constructions?

What’s more, did you know that there were three futures in the Spanish language? If you didn’t, then you really need to listen in as we help you learn the way that real Spanish people use these three futures and which one is actually the most believable. You’ll be surprised!

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson