Victor’s Adventures in Spain

Victor’s Adventures in Spain is a 258-page parallel textbook, workbook, and audiobook unlike anything else on the Spanish language learning market. We have already sold hundreds of copies and received dozens and dozens of positive reviews on Amazon. Find out for yourself just what makes Victor so popular.

Victor’s Adventures in France

Over the last year and a half, the team here at LightSpeed Spanish has joined forces with Sabine Sautel to produce Victor’s Adventures in France, a French parallel text book and audio book, filled to the brim with useful exercises. Following on from the tremendous success of Victor’s Adventures in Spain, our language learners now have the chance to take their French to new levels.Victor’s Adventures in France is soon to be released and will be available from all Amazon outlets. We are sure you will love it.

Perfecting the Past in Spanish

Are you a student looking to come to grips with the past tense in Spanish? If so, we’re sure that you will be very glad you did. Why? Simply because once you have worked through the straightforward systems, the easy explanations and the practical exercises found here you will be a veritable expert on the past in Spanish.

Demystifying the Spanish Subjunctive

A few years ago, LightSpeed Spanish created a range of videos on the Spanish subjunctive that was an instant hit because it made this challenging topic easier and much more approachable. Now, Cynthia and Gordon Smith-Durán have taken all of that valuable knowledge and made it into the book Demystifying the Spanish Subjunctive.

Pocket Por and Para

Do you have problems using “por” and “para” in Spanish? Are you unsure which one to choose from when faced with saying ‘for’ in Spanish? If that’s true for you then our book Pocket Por and Para is the ideal tool to help you clear up the mystery once and for all.