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Our New Online Spanish Lesson Membership Program

Ser Socio and la Zona V.I.P.


LightSpeed Spanish have just launched their latest resource and one that may just change how you learn Spanish forever!

Talking you through each area of the Spanish language, Gordon and Cynthia Smith-Durán will be guiding you and your Spanish by way of their Spanish Lessons Online.

As a member, each week you will receive a full lesson on a wide range of subjects that you too can influence. The lesson includes a 10 minute transcribed and translated Spanish conversation in which we demonstrate how to use the particular structure that we are covering that day. Then, we talk for a further 10 minutes in English during which time we pull the conversation to pieces to further help you understand how to use each structure well in conversation.

What You Get:

These Spanish Lessons Online are designed with you in mind and are suitable to most levels from Improver through to Advanced. Each lesson comes with:

  • A video of the lesson exclusive to members only
  • A downloadable mp3 audio of the lesson
  • A downloadable transcript and translation of the entire Spanish conversation
  • Homework set at two levels to drive home the learning and the concepts
  • Comments that come directly to us so that you can ask us to cover specific topics
  • The possibility of chatting with native Spanish speakers in a language exchange

How do I become a member?

You can sign up for your Ser Socio membership here:

Each member will pay a monthly subscription of 9.99 British pounds which will gain them constant access to the Zona V.I.P. where they can dip into all the lessons and the downloads as they grow.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

¡Muchísimas Gracias!

LightSpeed Spanish wants to finish by sending you all ‘un abrazo fuerte’ and to say ‘muchísimas gracias’ for all of your support and kind words during the many years that we have been doing our bit to grow the ever increasing Spanish speaking world.

Gordon y Cynthia:)

Download the Transcript and the Homework here.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

37 Lesson Llevar Llevarse Their Meanings LightSpeed Spanish

Llevar Llevarse and their many fascinating meanings. It’s true that Llevar Llevarse are very interesting and flexible verbs.  They have multiple meanings, all of which we really should get to grips with. In this lesson you will see that when discussing Llevar Llevarse together, Gordon comes across two meanings that... Read more »
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36 Lesson To Return in Spanish, Mixed Adjectives and Hidden Prepositions LightSpeed Spanish

How to Return in Spanish, How to Mix your Adjectives and Verbs with Hidden Prepositions. This week we have a mixed bag of subjects that have been suggested by Peggy and Erin. Peggy has suggested that we look at To Return in Spanish and the different meanings the various verbs... Read more »
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Spanish Immersion Courses Reviews from our students LightSpeed Spanish

What our Spanish Immersion Courses promise you.

¡Hola, chicos!

If you are thinking of attending one of our very popular Spanish Immersion Courses then you may want to read some reviews that have been sent in from our previous students.

As you read them, pay special attention to the word ‘confianza/confidence’.  The reason we say that is because this is the promise we make to all of our attendees:

If you attend this course, we promise that you will come out of it with more confidence.

Once you’ve read the reviews you will see that our Spanish Immersion Courses do just that!

Eszter Kondasz (Hungary)

Yo recomendaría este curso a todos que estén hasta las narices con los libros de texto que no tienen nada que ver con la realidad. En mi opinión, este curso te dará una oportunidad para salir de tu zona de confort y finalmente atrever a hablar en español en la vida real. En un ambiente motivador, rodeado de gente amable y divertida es más fácil tener confianza y aprender español con eficacia y rapidez.

(Translated) I would recommend this course to everyone who is fed up with text books that haven’t got anything to do with reality. In my opinion, this course will give you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and finally dare to speak in Spanish in real life. In a motivating atmosphere, surrounded by friendly and fun people it’s easier to have more confidence and to learn Spanish with efficiency and speed.


Michael and Veronica Robinson (Spain)

Although my wife and I live in Spain our general conversational abilities in Spanish are not up to the mark. It was for this reason we attended the Lightspeed Spanish Immersion Course. It was quite the best decision we have yet made in our endeavours to speak Spanish. Over the week our confidence grew on a daily basis.
Our three tutors are all highly professional and were nothing but encouraging the whole time. Each lesson was constructed to be both informative and enjoyable.
If you are looking to improve your Spanish conversational skills sign up quickly. You won’t regret it.

Ian Gray  (Scotland)

El curso era una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. Me gustaron el aula,
las excursiones, el hotel, Torrejon, la comida, todas las cosas. Me gustó mucho hablar con los nativos y con Jose Luiz sobre el fútbol. Ahora tengo muchos nuevos amigos, amigos de por vida. Los echo de menos.

(Translated) The course was one of the best experiences of my life. I like the classroom, the excursions,, the hotel, Torrejon, the food, everything. I liked talking with the natives a lot and with Jose Luis (Cynthia’s father) about football. Now I have many new friends, friends for life. I miss them.

Kathy Field (USA)

En la clase de inmersión de Lightspeed Spanish, tuvimos la oportunidad de aprender el uso del subjuntivo, frases, vocabulario y más. Después de dos horas en la clase, íbamos a la plaza o a otros lugares para hablar con la gente nativa, y practicar lo que habíamos aprendido. Tuvimos más oportunidades de hablar español durante la semana con los primos y los padres de Cynthia, su tía, y la gente que vive en el pueblo. Estos fueron las mejores clases de español que he tenido en mi vida, porque los maestros son muy graciosos, nos presentan la información de una manera muy fácil, y nos explican como podemos hablar con más confianza en nuestras vidas.
Os recomiendo que hagáis este curso si queréis mejorar vuestro español.

(Translated) In the LightSpeed Spanish Immersion class, we had the opportunity to learn the use of the subjunctive, sentences, vocabulary and more. After two hours in the class, we would go to the square or to other places to speak with native people and to practise what we had learnt. We had more opportunities to speak Spanish during the week with Cynthia’s cousins and parents, her aunt, and the people who live in the town. Those were the best  Spanish classes that I have had in my life, because the teachers are very funny, they present the information to us in an easy way, and they explain to us how we can talk with more confidence in our lives.

I recommend to you all that you do this course if you want to improve your Spanish.

Joy Hood (England)

El curso realizó y, en realidad, superó mis expectativas, porque a diferencia de otros cursos a los que he asistido, en los desafíos había diversión. Todo el grupo hablaba español fuera de las clases excepto cuando nos era necesario para tratar de explicar lo que intentábamos decir. ¡Los otros fueron de gran ayuda y por supuesto los profesores!

(Translated) The course achieved and, in reality, exceeded my expectations, because, unlike other courses which I have attended, in the challenges there was fun. All the group spoke in Spanish except when it was necessary for us to try to explain what we were trying to say. The others were a great help and of course, the teachers!

Donna Chen (Canada)

Yo quisiera deciros, a los profesores y a los estudiantes, que la experiencia fue inolvidable para mí. Después de pocos días de conoceros, me sentía muy cómoda y podía relajarme y disfrutar el ambiente, aunque tuve nervios el primer día cuando los profesores nos mandaron a la calle a hacer ‘La Encuesta’. Ay, Madre Mía. ¡Qué me temblaban mis rodillas! Pero al día siguiente mejoró. Entonces, el viernes llegó y el curso terminó antes de que nos dieramos cuenta.

Abrazos a todos y gracias a vosotros por una semana muy agradable. Y abrazos también a José Luis, a Mercedes, a Guillermo, a Leti y a Ana. Tenéis una familia muy cariñosa y me gustó mucho conocerla.

(Translated) I would like to say to the teachers and to the students that the experience was unforgettable for me. After a few days of getting to know you, I felt very comfortable and I could relax and enjoy  the atmosphere, although I was nervous the fist day when the teachers sent us to the street to do the survey. Goodness! My knees were trembling! But the next day improved. Then, Friday arrived and the course finished before we realised.

Hugs to everyone and thanks to you all for a very pleasant week. And hugs also to Jose Luis, to Mercedes, to Guillermo, to Leti and to Ana. You have a very loving family and I really liked meeting them.