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Our New Online Spanish Lesson Membership Program

Ser Socio and la Zona V.I.P.


LightSpeed Spanish have just launched their latest resource and one that may just change how you learn Spanish forever!

Talking you through each area of the Spanish language, Gordon and Cynthia Smith-Durán will be guiding you and your Spanish by way of their Spanish Lessons Online.

As a member, each week you will receive a full lesson on a wide range of subjects that you too can influence. The lesson includes a 10 minute transcribed and translated Spanish conversation in which we demonstrate how to use the particular structure that we are covering that day. Then, we talk for a further 10 minutes in English during which time we pull the conversation to pieces to further help you understand how to use each structure well in conversation.

What You Get:

These Spanish Lessons Online are designed with you in mind and are suitable to most levels from Improver through to Advanced. Each lesson comes with:

  • A video of the lesson exclusive to members only
  • A downloadable mp3 audio of the lesson
  • A downloadable transcript and translation of the entire Spanish conversation
  • Homework set at two levels to drive home the learning and the concepts
  • Comments that come directly to us so that you can ask us to cover specific topics
  • The possibility of chatting with native Spanish speakers in a language exchange

How do I become a member?

You can sign up for your Ser Socio membership here:

Each member will pay a monthly subscription of 9.99 British pounds which will gain them constant access to the Zona V.I.P. where they can dip into all the lessons and the downloads as they grow.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

¡Muchísimas Gracias!

LightSpeed Spanish wants to finish by sending you all ‘un abrazo fuerte’ and to say ‘muchísimas gracias’ for all of your support and kind words during the many years that we have been doing our bit to grow the ever increasing Spanish speaking world.

Gordon y Cynthia:)

Download the Transcript and the Homework here.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

72 Chalk and Talk Olvidarse vs Olvidar + Caerse LightSpeed Spanish

 Olvidarse vs Olvidar vs Olvidársete + Caerse In this week’s lesson we take an indepth look at two reflexive verbs and the way we can manage Olvidarse vs Olvidar. Why are there two options (three, actually, with Olvidársete)? What is the issue with Olvidarse vs Olvidar? Really, there isn’t one…. Read more »

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72 Lesson At the hairdresser’s in Spain LightSpeed Spanish

Going to the hairdresser’s in Spain. When you are at the hairdresser’s in Spain, or in any Spanish speaking country, you need to have the right vocabulary. If not, you are going to come out with something you didn’t want (that often happens even when you have the vocab jeje)…. Read more »

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71 Chalk and Talk Gotta Get It in Spanish Using GET LightSpeed Spanish

Gotta Get It in Spanish. The verb GET is a phrasal verb in English and so there are many verbs that are used in Spanish to cover its many diverse meanings. In this lesson we cover the ‘Gotta get it in Spanish’ as well as the question: Get it?  … Read more »

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71 Lesson Back to the Spanish Future LightSpeed Spanish

Back to the Spanish Future: Why the Present and not WILL? In this lesson we are looking at the Spanish future again and focusing on the way we tend to use the Present tense for many sentences that use WILL in English. It’s not so difficult to use the Spanish… Read more »

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70 Chalk and Talk Abajo vs Debajo vs Bajo + Flashcards LightSpeed Spanish

Abajo vs Debajo vs Bajo What a confusion, right? When we are faced with the Abajo vs Debajo decision, what do we do? Then, to make things even more complicated, the word Bajo often makes an appearance too. In this Chalk and Talk we help you with the Abajo vs… Read more »

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