Testimonials for LightSpeed Spanish

Here are just a few of the very positive testimonials for LightSpeed Spanish that we’ve received since creating the blog.

Hola, Gordon and Cynthia,

I first started watching the Lightspeed Spanish videos seven months ago. They are, by far, the best Spanish learning tool that I have encountered. After watching the Beginners course I decided to subscribe to the Help Sheets. These have proved invaluable. They expand on the relevant video in a concise and highly informative way. I have also subscribed to the Advanced Intermediate course and have found that it takes the learning of Spanish to the next level without going too far and becoming confusing. I am now having one to one lessons, via Skype, with Gordon and still constantly refer to my Help Sheets for assistance.

The small financial investment required, for the Help Sheets, is negligible to the benefit that I have received in return.
Mike Robinson

Hi Gordon and Cynthia,
Love the course (youtube vids and your printouts)!
It consolidates all my spanish language courses and it is so realistic to my experiences of real spanish conversations.
Excellent work!!
Kind Regards
Martin Concannon
Not having studies a language for over forty years, I find the combination of podcast and helpsheets vert useful.
The podcasts are delivered in a friendly, easy to understand way by a couple who obviously enjoy the Spanish language.
Having the Spanish with the English translation is very useful whilst watching the podcasts. You can dip in and out as you choose as each podcast/helpsheet lasts ten to fifteen minutes.
It’s easy to look through the helpsheets to give yourself a refresher course. The helpsheets do just that, they help you.

Gordon and Cynthia have obvious chemistry together making the podcasts enjoyable to watch as well as instructive.
Chris Lingwood.

Testimonial for Skype Lessons.

I have spent the last eight years trying to learn Spanish via a multitude of books and courses.
In fact, if there were such a thing I would have a degree in Spanish courses. Three months ago I discovered LightSpeedSpanish on YouTube. The presentation of the videos by Gordon and Cynthia is second to none. They honestly make the learning process great fun.
I am now having on- line one to one lessons from Gordon and look forward to each one. Having a tutor whose native language is English but who also speaks fluent Spanish is the real secret, as far as I am concerned.
To have the ability to say “How would you say this in Spanish?” Gordon will either say “like this” or perhaps, more importantly, “that does not translate into Spanish. They would say……”.
I have now had seventeen hour long lessons and have already learned far more than in the previous eight years.
I cannot recommend LightSpeedSpanish highly enough.
Mike Robinson

Testimonials on our teaching style and videos.

“As a beginner, learning a new language is a daunting task.

But I must say LightSpeedSpanish has been the answer to all my Spanish problems!

After days and days of listening to podcasts all over the tremendous world wide web searching for that perfect tutorial, LightSpeedSpanish has definitely got me hooked. Some of the best Spanish tutors/teachers I can ask for are here. They are very entertaining, helpful and go to the most important points all in just 10 minutes for every podcast. Most importantly, they love their dog!

Plus they have the perfect credentials to learn Spanish as they are real Spanish “maestros”. Even their voices have become my morning music.

So I really would like to thank Cynthia and Gordon for all the help you have given me. I must say I have improved a lot and learned much more.

Your dedication to help is astounding for you always give time to answer. When I almost gave up on learning, you gave me a better perspective on the beauty of Spanish language.

I certainly look forward to listening and learning more from lightspeedspanish.co.uk.”

Thank you thank you thank you! I have always heard Spanish speakers use this extra pronoun which didn’t seem necessary and never understood why. Now I get it! You guys are great. Thanks again!!
Your videos are easy to understand and very informative. I can even understand most of your advanced conversation. Please continue producing your excellent videos.
Estos videos me ayudan mucho! Gracias!
you guys are great 🙂
Gracias, he aprendido dos palabras nuevas, abolladura y tres en rayas, along with some other expressions that I know but needed listening to more often, thanks again
Muy informativo y interesante el video. Me falta mucho por aprender el acento propio español, ya que hasta ahora solo manejo el de Latinoamérica. Les agradezco haber subido el podcast, hasta pronto;)
I love these podcasts! Lol thanks for the laugh!
Thank you so much for posting these videos! I have an exam tomorrow and as much as I like my Professor, I still leave class confused and your videos are extremely helpful in helping me to understand what I’m learning. Muchas Gracias!