Spanish Lesson Table of Contents

All Podcasts by Level:


Beginner Spanish Podcast 1 – Greetings in Spanish

Spanish Beginner Podcast 2 – The Spanish Alphabet A to G

Beginner Spanish Podcast 3 – Alphabet H to Z

Beginners Spanish Podcast 4 – Names and Introductions

Beginners Spanish Podcast 5 – Conjugating Spanish Verbs

Beginners Spanish Podcast 6 – Handy Questions

Beginners Spanish Podcast 7 – Counting in Spanish

Beginners Spanish Podcast 8 – The Future

Beginners Spanish Podcast 9 – Ser & Estar

Beginners Spanish Podcast 10 – Gustar

Beginners Spanish Podcast 11 – Saber & Conocer

Beginners Spanish Podcast 12 – Spanish Word Order

Beginners Spanish Podcast 13 – Masculine and Feminine Spanish Words

Beginners Spanish Podcast 14 – Tell Time in Spanish

Beginners Spanish Podcast 15 – Weather Vocabulary in Spanish

Beginners Spanish Podcast 16 – Spanish Question Words

Beginners Spanish Podcast 17 – Review

Beginners Spanish Podcast 18 – Four Important Spanish Verbs

Beginners Spanish Podcast 19 – Four More Important Spanish Verbs

Beginners Spanish Podcast 20 – Important Verb Review

Beginners Spanish Podcast 21- Help with QUE in Spanish

Beginners Spanish Podcast 22 – Spanish Pronunciation – The Nose Rule

Beginners Spanish Podcast 23 – Spanish Accents / MI or MÍ

Spanish Lesson Beginners 24 – Saying AGO in Spanish

Beginners Spanish Podcast 25 – Here and There in Spanish?

Beginners Spanish Podcast 26 – Spanish Adverbs

Beginners Spanish Podcast 27 – The Spanish Conditional Tense

Beginners Spanish Podcast 28 – Easy Spanish Tips and Suggestions

Beginners Spanish Podcast 29 – Learning Spanish Conversation with Opinions

Beginners Spanish Podcast 30 – Test Your Listening Skills

Beginners Spanish Pronunciation 31 LL, Y, B, V. Let’s clear this up!

32 Abs Beginners Spanish Test your Level The Mónica Naranjo Concert

33 Abs Beginners Saying ANY in Spanish Algunos/Unos

34 Abs Beginners Spanish Culture Gestures

35 Beginners Spanish Prepositions The small, important words.

36 Beginners Spanish The Definite Article in Spanish A Real Puzzle

37 Beginners The Verb Poder in Spanish Such an important verb!

38 Beginners Lo in Spanish and Lo Importante

39 Beginners Verbs that begin with DES in Spanish.

40 Beginners Spanish Listening Test

41 Beginners Great Spanish Pronunciation LightSpeed Spanish

42 Beginners Spanish Understand SER and ESTAR

43 Beginners Test your use of Gustar

44 Beginners Verbs like Gustar

45 Beginners Pero or Sino?

46 Beginners Meter vs Poner the putting verbs

47 Beginners The Spanish DO for emphasis

48 Beginners Igualmente vs Tú también

49 Beginners Alguno vs Ninguno

50 Beginners Test your Spanish level A1-A2

51 Beginners Test your Gustar A1-A2

52 Beginners Se trata de vs Trata de

53 Beginners Test your Spanish Pronunciation A1-A2

54 Beginners The verb Tocar in Spanish

55 Beginners An A1-A2 Spanish Test

56 Beginners Spanish The Spanish verb TOPAR

57 Beginners A1-B1 Spanish Test ¿Cómo se dice?

58 Beginners Spanish Qué vs Cuál

59 Beginners Spanish Salir vs Irse

60 Beginners Spanish The O changes to U Why?

61 Beginners Spanish The Resumptive LO

62 Beginners Spanish Expressions of time

63 Beginners Handy Spanish adverbs

64 Beginners Spanish demonstrative pronouns

65 Beginners Understanding PORQUE in Spanish

66 Beginner Spanish False Friends

67 Beginners Saber Conocer TEST A1-A2

68 Beginners Testing your Spanish A1-A2

69 Beginners Spanish Funny moments

70 Beginners Spanish Test A1-C2 Part 1

71 Beginners POR & PARA Test Preparation

72 Beginner A POR & PARA TEST for you!

73 Beginners Spanish Possessive Pronouns


75 Beginner Spanish questions and answers

76 Beginner More Spanish confusions

77 Beginner Learning Spanish? Some advice!

78 Beginner The fear of making mistakes & Spanish accents

79 Beginner Fun Spanish Moments

80 Beginners TEST your SER ESTAR and HAY

81 Beginner The Spanish verb GANAR

82 Beginner Spanish Irregular Spanish verbs

Early Intermediate

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 1 – Spanish Perfect Tense

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 2 – Ordering a Drink in a Spanish Bar

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 3 – How to Order Food in Spanish in a Restaurant

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 4 – Directions in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 5 – Buying Goods

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 6 – Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Lesson 7 – Tener in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 8 – Using Gustar in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 9 – Personal A in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 10 – Hay vs. Estar

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 11 – Spanish Conversation Practice

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 12 – Present Progressive in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 13 – Ser versus Estar

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 14 – Describing People

Early Intermediate Spanish Lesson 15 – Spanish Contractions

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 16 – Inviting out in Spain

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 17 – Daily Routine

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 18 – Meals and Times

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 19 – False Friends in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 20 – Putting It All Together

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 21 – Spanish Relative Pronouns

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 22 – The Weather in Spanish Present and Past

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 23 – Saying Morning in Spanish and other Time Markers.

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 24 – Making Comparisons in Spanish

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 25 – No Sólo, Sino in Spanish and Se Me Da Bien

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 26 – Spanish Greetings Sending Your Regards

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 27 – To Ask in Spanish. Pedir and Preguntar

Early Intermediate Podcast 28 – Haber in Spanish and its Uses

Early Intermediate Podcast 29 – Either Or in Spanish and Much More

Early Intermediate Podcast 30 – Spanish Test of Your Listening Skills

Early Intermediate Spanish 31 Mistakes with SE in Spanish

35 Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast Parecer in Spanish How to use it properly

32 Early Intermediate Spanish Más, Mucho and Muy in Spanish

33 Early Intermediate Tardar and Llevar in Spanish To Take

34 Early Intermediate Sentirse and Sentir in Spanish

36 Early Intermediate Connecting words in Spanish

37 Early Intermediate Haber in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

38 Early Intermediate The Passive Voice in Spanish and how to avoid it!

39 Early Intermediate Mí and Ti in Spanish. When do we use them?

40 Early Intermediate Tú or Usted in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

41 Early Intermediate The Spanish personal A

42 Early Intermediate The Spanish Present Perfect

43 Early Inter Spanish Present Subjunctive with NO

44 Early Intermediate Spanish word order

45 Early Inter Spanish Redundant Pronoun LE

46 Early Inter Pude vs Podía Quise vs Quería

47 Early Intermediate Ago In Spanish

48 Early Inter Mexico vs Spain

49 Early Inter Spanish Preterite Past vs Perfect past

50 Early Intermediate Detrás vs Atrás Delante vs Adelante

51 Early Inter Test your Spanish level B1 B2

52 Early Inter Querer in the past

53 Early Inter Explaining SE TE VE feliz

54 Early Inter Creer and Pensar in the past and Gordon’s challenge

55 Early Inter Ni Siquiera in Spanish

56 Early Inter The Spanish Subjunctive with questions

57 Early Inter Se lo puso What does it mean?

58 Early Inter Test your Spanish SE

59 Early Inter The Spanish DE preposition

60 Early Inter Soñar vs Sonar Spanish verbs

61 Early Inter Spanish Preterite or Perfect?

62 Early Inter Spanish Miedo A and Miedo DE

63 Early Intermediate Spanish Understand Vámonos

64 Early Inter The Spanish SE ME structure

65 Early Inter Spanish Ganarse la vida

66 Early Inter Spanish Subjunctive options

67 Early Intermediate The Spanish MAYBE

68 Early Inter Complimenting Spanish food

69 Early Inter Spanish Usted vs Tú

70 Early Intermediate Spanish Personal A test

71 Early Inter Spanish test B1 – B2

72 Early Inter Test your understanding in Spanish

73 Early Inter Spanish Becoming verbs

74 Early Inter Test your Spanish verbs

75 Early Inter Spanish TEST Saber and Conocer

76 Early Intermediate Spanish Verb To Grow

77 Early Inter A Family Spanish Christmas

78 Early Inter Spanish Comprehension LA CAJA

79 Early Inter Telling the time in Spanish

80 Early Inter The Spanish verb QUEDAR

81 Early Inter Using Quedarse in Spanish

82 Early Inter Test your Spanish Quedar/se

83 Early Inter Spanish Gender changes Meaning

Advanced Intermediate

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 1 – The Preterite in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Podcast 2 – Possessive Pronouns in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate 3 – Spanish Past Tense – Preterite and Imperfect

Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 4 – The Future

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 5 – Commands in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 6 – Listening Practice in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Lesson 7 – Mascotas

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 8 – Impersonal Verbs

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 9 – Driving in Spain

Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 10 – Spanish Villages

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 11 – The Passive Voice in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 12 – The Uses of Se

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 13 – Tips for Learning Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 14 – Direct and Indirect Objects in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 15 – Double Pronouns in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 16 – Elena Los Jovenes

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 17 – How to Use Para in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 18 – How to Use Ya in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 19 – Difference between Saber and Conocer

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 20 – How to Use Por in Spanish

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 21 – Saber Conocer & Decir in Preterite

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 22 – The Mediterranean Diet

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 23 – Spanish Commands

Advanced Intermediate 24 – Spanish Podcast Ser and Estar in the Past

Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 25 – Spanish Vocabulary – Airports & Taxis

Advanced Intermediate 26 – The Etiquette of Living In Spain or Being a Guest

Advanced Intermediate 27 – The Irregular Spanish Preterite

Advanced Intermediate 28 – Stem Changing Spanish Preterite

Advanced Intermediate 29 – (Tú) Tu vs Usted Using Formal Spanish

Advanced Intermediate 30 – Spanish Culture and the Big Differences

Advanced Intermediate Podcast 31 Spanish Preterite vs Imperfect

32 Advanced Intermediate Tratar and Acabar in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

33 Advanced Intermediate Talking Spanish well The little words LightSpeed Spanish

34 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Diminutives and Augmentatives

35 Advanced Intermediate Remember in Spanish Acordarse / Recordar

36 Advanced Intermediate Useful Spanish Vocabulary on Movement LightSpeed Spanish

37 Advanced Intermediate The Haber Subjunctive Structures LightSpeed Spanish

38 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Commands in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

39 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Verbs to Try in Spanish Lightspeed Spanish

40 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Test my Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

41 Advanced Intermediate Past Tense Tips for Spanish

42 Advanced Intermediate Demonstrative Spanish Pronouns

43 Adv Intermediate How to avoid the Spanish Passive Voice

44 Adv Inter Estaba vs Estuve + gerund

45 Adv Inter Using Haber with the Past Participle

46 Advanced Inter Clarifying the Spanish past

47 Adv Inter Don’t translate songs to Spanish!

48 Adv Inter The Spanish subjunctive needs QUE?

49 Adv Inter Spanish Slang and Swear words

50 Advanced Inter Spanish football commentary (not)

51 Adv Inter Test your Gustar Encantar B1-B2

52 Adv Inter The Spanish verb VOLVER

53 Adv Intermediate The Spanish LO and it’s meaning

54 Adv Intermediate Using the Spanish past

55 Advanced Inter: A Test for Spanish nativos and no nativos

56 Adv Intermediate Testing Spanish Nativos and No Nativos

57 Adv Inter They got me again! Santos Inocentes

58 Adv Inter The Spanish Imperative

59 Adv Intermediate LA LA LAND and the Spanish SE

60 Adv Intermediate Spanish Road Trip / llevarse

61 Adv Intermediate Use Aunque correctly

62 Adv Intermediate Spanish SE ME HIZO

63 Advanced Intermediate Spanish B1-B2 Test

64 Advanced Inter A Spanish Christmas and Esto

65 Adv Inter Fun Spanish immersion courses

66 Adv Inter Spanish Personal Pronouns: When?

68 5 Important things to know about Spanish

69 Adv Inter Test how Spanish you are

70 Adv Inter 2 Vital Spanish verbs

71 Adv Inter Testing your Spanish B1-C2

72 Adv Intermediate Spanish Animal Expressions

73 Adv Intermediate Spanish Listening Test

74 Adv Inter Listening test of the Spanish Past

75 Adv Intermediate Spanish Listening Tester

76 Adv Inter Test your Spanish listening

77 Adv Inter Spanish listening Test – A story

78 Adv Inter Listen in Spanish with Cynthia

79 Adv Intermediate Spanish The Winner

80 Adv Inter Vital Spanish Vocabulary-Time

81 Adv Inter Asking for directions in Spanish

82 Adv Inter Spanish Direction vocabulary

83 Adv Inter Weird Spanish expressions

84 adv inter Spanish Expressions with ANDA

85 Adv Inter Spanish Superlatives and more!


Advanced Spanish Podcast 1 – Preterite vs Imperfect in Spanish

Advanced Spanish Lesson 2 – Comida y Cultura Pt. 1

Advanced Spanish Podcast 3 – Comida y Cultura Pt. 2

Advanced Podcast 4 – Listening Practice in Spanish: Interview with Quique

Advanced Spanish Podcast 5 – El Laberinto del Fauno

Advanced Free Spanish Audio Lesson 6 – La Familia Española

Advanced Free Spanish Audio 7 – Music

Advanced Podcast 8 – Spanish Listening Practice: Interview with Leticia

Advanced Spanish Podcast 9 – Spanish Cars

Advanced Spanish Lesson 10 – A Day Out

Advanced Free Spanish Audio Lesson 11 – Las Dietas

Advanced Free Spanish Podcast 12 – Medicina Alternativa

Advanced Spanish Audio Lesson 13 – 2012

Advanced Spanish Podcast 14 – Doblajes y Subtitulos

Advanced Spanish Podcast 15 – Mercedes y Tecnología

Advanced Free Spanish Lesson 16 – Momentos Graciosos con La Familia

Advanced Spanish Video Lesson 17 – La Politica

Advanced Free Spanish Lessons Online 18 – Momentos Reveladores

Advanced Online Spanish Lesson 19 – Las Drogas

Advanced Spanish Podcast 20 – Spanish Weddings

Advanced Speaker Podcast 21 – Spanish Stories and Funny Moments

Advanced Speaker Podcast 22 – Spanish Economy and the La Crisis

Advanced Speaker 23 – Madrid vs Barcelona Spanish Lesson

Advanced Speaker 24 – Spanish Insults The ‘Mild’ Options (18+)

Advanced Speaker 25 – Spanish Swear Words Medium Strength (18+)

Advanced Speaker 26 – Spanish Swear Words Very Strong (18+++)

Advanced Speaker 27 – Spanish Spanish or Latin American Spanish?

Advanced Speaker 28 – Present Subjunctive Spanish Language

Advanced Speaker 29 – Spanish Imperfect Subjunctive Conversation

Advanced Speaker 30 – Spanish Jokes and Funny Stories

31 Advanced Speaker Mercedes on the Spanish Learning English

32a Advanced Speaker Spanish A Relaxing Day—NOT LightSpeed Spanish

32b Advanced Speaker Spanish A Relaxing Day—NOT LightSpeed Spanish

33 Advanced Speaker Spanish Where we’ve been LightSpeed Spanish

34 Advanced Speaker Spanish Gordon’s Police Trouble LightSpeed Spanish

35 Advanced Speaker Spanish Leaving the UK for Spain LightSpeed Spanish

36 Advanced Speaker Spanish The Illegal Botellón LightSpeed Spanish

37 Advanced Speaker Spanish Laugh at Gordon LightSpeed Spanish

38 Advanced Speaker Spanish Animal Rights LightSpeed Spanish

39 Advanced Speaker Spanish Great Films LightSpeed Spanish

40 Advanced Speaker Spanish Our Business LightSpeed Spanish

41 Advanced Talking about our childhood in Spanish

42 Advanced Spanish Speaker Family Values

43 Advanced Spanish student The meaning of Success

44 Advanced Spanish A surprise topic

45 Advanced Spanish Eating habits

46 Advanced Chatting in Spanish: Languages

47 Advanced Spanish gestures explained

48 Advanced The Secret to the Spanish Subjunctive

49 Advanced Spanish Copying accents badly!

50 Advanced Ambiguous Spanish Sentences

51 Advanced Testing your Spanish level C1-C2

52 Advanced Bringing up Bilingual children

53 Advanced Test your Gustar C1-C2 Proficiency

54 Advanced Giving Birth Spanish vocabulary

55 Advanced Spanish Plans for 2022

56 Adv Speaker La Noche Buena in Spain

57 Advanced Understand PENSAR EN

58 Advanced Spanish Subjunctive with multiple persons

59 Advanced Writing in Spanish with Google Translate

60 Advanced Speaker Learning multiple languages

61 Adv Spanish Switching between Spanish and English

62 Advanced Spanish Present and Future

63 Advanced Spanish Should Have in Spanish

64 Advanced Spanish Use GOT in Spanish

65 Advanced Spanish Advice: Moving to Colombia

66 Advanced Spanish Advice on your level

67 Advanced Spanish conversation Back in England

68 Adv Spanish Test your Spanish listening

69 Advanced Spanish Spain in the fifties

70 Advanced Spanish past tense with Mercedes

71 Advanced Spanish Conversation with Mercedes

72 Advanced Funny Spanish stories

73 Advanced The Uses of YA in Spanish

74 Advanced Classic Spanish mistakes

75 Advanced Spanish FUN

76 Advanced Spanish verb Dejar

77 Advanced Spanish expressions with LSS

78 Advanced Hilarious Spanish listening


80 Adv Spanish Benefits of speaking Spanish

81 Advanced Spanish Learning Tips with Cynthia

82 Advanced Spanish listening – Being a parent

83 Advanced Spanish Creative Spanish

84 Advanced Spanish It’s difficult for them!

85 Adv. Spanish A great Spanish conversation

Additional Materials:

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