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What you get from your Ser Socio Membership.

As a ‘Socio’, each week you will receive a full lesson on a wide range of subjects that you too can influence by writing us and telling us what you’d like to learn.

Each lesson includes a 10-minute transcribed and translated Spanish conversation in which we demonstrate how to use the particular structure that we are covering that day. Then, we go on to talk for a further 10 minutes in English during which time we analyse the Spanish conversation to further help you understand how to use each structure well in conversation.


Ser Socio Table of Contents

Ser Socio Formal

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403 Lesson Week 1: SABER & CONOCER in Spanish

402 Lessons Live Q&A POR & PARA in Spanish

401 Lesson POR & PARA (The Final TEST) in Spanish

400 Lesson Week 2: POR & PARA in Spanish

398 Lessons Live Q&A quedar, faltar… in Spanish

399 Lesson Week 1: POR & PARA in Spanish

397 Lesson quedar, faltar… (The Final TEST) in Spanish

396 Lesson Week 2: quedar, faltar, hacer falta y sobrar in Spanish

395 Lesson Week 1: quedar, faltar, hacer falta y sobrar in Spanish

394 Lessons Live Q&A Verbos Modales in Spanish

393 Lesson Verbos Modales (The Final TEST) in Spanish

392 Lesson Week 2: Verbos Modales in Spanish

391 Lesson Week 1: Verbos Modales in Spanish

390 Lessons Live Q&A Ser/Estar in Spanish

389 Lesson Ser/Estar (The Final TEST) in Spanish

388 Lesson Ser/Estar (Past tense) in Spanish

387 Lesson Broma a Gordon y Ser/Estar in Spanish

386 Lessons Live Los Condicionales in Spanish

385 Lesson Top 1000 words in Spanish

384 Lesson The first test of the year 2024 in Spanish

383 Lessons Live Translating a story in Spanish

382 Lesson Christmas Special Lesson in Spanish

381 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 19/12/23 in Spanish

380 Lesson Music, Concerts & Filler words in Spanish

379 Lessons Live Palabras Coloquiales in Spanish

378 Lesson Ganar, Ganas & Gana in Spanish

377 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 20/11/23 in Spanish

376 Lesson Holidays & Concordance Part 2 in Spanish

375 Lessons Live Uses of HABER in Spanish

374 Lesson Verbs & Concordance Part 1 in Spanish

373 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 23/10/23 in Spanish

372 Lesson Pets & Spanish Pronunciation in Spanish

371 Lessons Live Disfrutar, Gustar & Divertirse in Spanish

370 Lesson Te va bien, Te sale bien & Te viene bien in Spanish

369 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 25/09/23 in Spanish

368 Lesson Cultural differences & Subjunctive in Spanish

367 Lessons Live Saber, Conocer & “Lo” in Spanish

366 Lesson Saber & Conocer in Spanish

365 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 28/08/23 in Spanish

364 Lesson Solving Questions 2 in Spanish

363 Lessons Live The Test: Ser & Estar in Spanish

362 Lesson Part 1: Solving questions in Spanish

361 Lessons Live Questions & Answers 31/07/23 in Spanish

360 Lesson Tan, Tanto, Mucho, Muy & Demasiado in Spanish

359 Lessons Live Verbs with -Tener in Spanish

358 Lesson Fun facts about Spain in Spanish

357 Lessons Live Questions & Answers in Spanish

356 Lesson The Verb “DAR” in Spanish

355 Lessons Live Positions/Locations in Spanish

354 Lesson The Verb “Acudir” in Spanish

353 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 8 in Spanish

352 Lesson “Lado” vs “Siguiente” in Spanish

351 Lessons Live Find the Error in the Sentences in Spanish

349 LIVE Spanish Lessons Meet the Socios and Q&A

350 Lesson Typical Questions in Spanish

348 Lesson “De que” vs “Que” in Spanish

347 Lessons Live The Adverbs in Spanish

346 Lesson Getting Older & Pronouns in Spanish

345 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 7 in Spanish

344 Lesson Anxiety & Stress and The Subjunctive in Spanish

343 Lessons Live Uses of SE in Spanish

342 Lesson 20-Question Test in Spanish

341 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 6 in Spanish

340 Lessons Live Spanish Reflexive Meanings in Spanish

339 Lesson Funny Moments & Wording in Obituary in Spanish

338 Lesson Funny Videos & “DA” vs “DE” in Spanish

337 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 5 in Spanish

336 Lesson New Year´s resolutions & Subjunctive in Spanish

335 Lessons Live Direct & Indirect pronouns in Spanish

334 Lesson “De qué” vs “Qué” & Costar in Spanish

333 Lessons Live Pasado Imperfecto & Pretérito in Spanish

332 Lesson Conjectures in the Past in Spanish

331 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 4 in Spanish

330 Lesson Christmas & Weather in Spanish

329 Lessons Live The Verb: TO TAKE in Spanish

328 Lesson Seasons & Conjetures in Spanish

327 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 3 in Spanish

326 Lessons Live Uses of the verb HABER in Spanish

325 Lesson Cultural Influences & Doubts in Spanish

324 Lesson Autocaravana vs Airbnb & To Make in Spanish

323 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions 2 in Spanish

322 Lesson Mystery Theme and Subir & Bajar in Spanish

321 Lessons Live Llevar & Llevarse in Spanish

320 Lesson Dog Owner Vocabulary & Expressions in Spanish

319 Lessons Live Doubts & Questions in Spanish

318 Lesson Shakespeare & New Words Added to Spanish

317 Lessons Live Indefinite Determiners in Spanish

316 Lesson Past Tense & Used to in Spanish

315 Lessons Live GET Phrasal Verbs in Spanish

314 Lesson Placement of Adjectives in Spanish

313 Lesson Great Spanish Verbs with SE

312 Lesson Bastante, Suficiente and Demasiado in Spanish

311 Lessons Live Verbs of Becoming in Spanish

310 Lesson Rag & Bone man and The Imperfect in Spanish

309 Lessons Live Spanish Verbs: Gustar & Encantar

308 Lesson La Tortilla Española and the use of “Ya” in Spanish

307 Lessons Live Spanish Verbs: Ser & Estar

306 Lesson Salseos: ¿Enemigos en LSS?

305 Live Spanish Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

304 Lesson España fea Acostumbrarse y Agradecer

303 Live Spanish Subjunctive Triggers

302 Lesson Subtle Spanish Subjunctive Triggers

301 Lesson Live Spanish adjective order

300 Lesson A celebration fun Spanish quiz with the family!

299 Lesson Criar vs Crecer and much more!

298 Lesson Finding the Spanish middle

297 Lesson The Spanish LE Redundant use

296 Lesson Strong Spanish vowels y el alma

295 Lesson Seguir and Conseguir meanings and conjugations

294 Lesson The Spanish melody and missing words

293 Lesson Reading out loud in Spanish and Subj

292 Lesson Listo vs Listillo y el cine

291 Spanish humour and the verb To BLOW

290 Lesson Cerca vs Cercano Lejos vs Lejano

289 Lesson Desde and Desde hace etc

286 Lesson The Spanish Personal A and wedding rings

288 Lesson The verb to MISS in Spanish

287 Lesson The Spanish CUYO – Whose and Destiny vs Fate

285 Lesson Spanish food etiquette and cooking

284 Spanish computer vocabulary and jokes

283 Lesson The Spanish LE vs LO

282 Lesson Referring to self with TÚ in Spanish

281 The challenges of learning Spanish & accidents

280 Lesson De que, Dequeísmo and el ocio

279 Lesson Boxing in Spanish and deep questions

278 Lesson Does DESPUÉS DE QUE take the subjunctive?

277 Lesson Christmas fun and the verb Pillar

276 Lesson The verb Quedar and Spanish education

275 Lesson The COMO PARA meaning

274 Lesson Uno vs Alguno + Subtle subjunctive

273 Lesson Hace tiempo que no… Spanish word order

272 Spanish Pronoun Review and mental health

271 Lesson Using Deber in the past and How LSS started

270 Lesson Niños vs Hijos & great questions

269 Lesson Using PARA and Dodgy Translations

268 Lesson Perdón vs Perdona and dirty water

267 Lesson Shocking subjects and the Spanish Gerund

266 Lesson Making Spanish questions and sport

265 Lesson Crazy Spanish Subjunctive Structures

264 Lesson More Spanish Becoming and If/Would

263 Lesson Spanish Becoming plus The Power

262 Lesson Test your Spanish Translation

261 Lesson QUE in Spanish (cont) and Personalities

260 Lesson Use QUE like a native spanish speaker

259 Lesson Spanish Synonyms and great questions

258 Lesson Fun jokes and Spanish transport

257 Lesson Mixing the Spanish subjunctive past and present

256 Lesson Cuál vs Qué and Jugar vs Jugar A

255 Lesson Confusing Spanish lyrics & personality test

254 Lesson Estar vs Ser and therapy questions

253 Lesson Raising bilingual children and Éste vs Este

252 Lesson Test your Spanish Noun genders

251 Lesson How do I improve my Spanish accent?

250 Lesson Amar or Querer and difficult questions

249 Lesson Spanish ferias and the LAS

248 Lesson Change and the Por Para question

247 Lesson Word order in Spanish and Yo vs Mí mismo

246 Lesson Ordering in Spanish and having fun

245 Driving cars and Test your Spanish past

244 Lesson ¿ito vs illo? La ética

243 Lesson Los colores and El Subjuntivo

242 Lesson Sorry in Spanish and the Supernatural

241 Lesson Animals and The Spanish Tú vs Te

240 Lesson Adoption Negative Spanish subjunctive

239 Lesson Spanish verbs to Turn and choices

238 Smoking and the Spanish verbs for Taking

237 Lesson Google Translate addiction putting and going

236 Lesson Secrets and Spanish positions

235 Lesson Real Spanish greetings and Motivation

234 Lesson marriage and the verb Tocar

233 Lesson Comida Basura and using LE with things

232 Lesson Intelligence and Weird Spanish phrases

231 Lesson Cooking and Looking in Spanish

230 Lesson Computers Bien vs Bueno Ser vs Estar

229 Lesson Understanding the Spanish pronouns

228 Lesson Appearances, Understanding LE LO and YA

227 Lesson Costumbres and The Spanish Definite Article

226 Lesson Dreaming in Spanish and Acudir/inciso

225 Lesson Consejos and Spanish DORA words

224 Lesson Glamping and using Tanto LightSpeed Spanish

223 Lesson OVNIS and the Spanish verb DAR LightSpeed Spanish

222 Lesson Spanish noun genders and ageing LightSpeed Spanish

221 Lesson Translating Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

220 Lesson Abstract Spanish and Modern Technology LightSpeed Spanish

219 Lesson Translating Spanish and the LET’S in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

218 Moving to Spain and QUE with the subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

217 Lesson Great books and the Spanish AGO LightSpeed Spanish

216 Lesson More GET verbs in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

215 Lesson Using GET in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

214 Lesson Talking about days and dates in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

213 Making sentences and describing in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

212 Lesson Learning from your partner and the Spanish DE QUE LightSpeed Spanish

211 Lesson Faltar Quedar Hacer falta LightSpeed Spanish

210 Lesson Spanish Modisms and school curriculum LightSpeed Spanish

209 Lesson Spanish Augmentatives and Immersion Ideas LightSpeed Spanish

208 Lesson Key Spanish verbs that don’t translate LightSpeed Spanish

207 Lesson Spanish Antonims and the Passive Voice LightSpeed Spanish

206 Lesson Truth or Dare and Spanish Compound Prepositions LightSpeed Spanish

205 Lesson Pasapalabra and tough SE LightSpeed Spanish

204 Lesson Spanish driving vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

203 Lesson Using the Spanish Imperative and prefixes LightSpeed Spanish

202 Lesson Common Spanish texting mistakes LightSpeed Spanish

201 Lesson Spanish expressions from lesson 200 LightSpeed Spanish

200 Lesson celebration Q&A with our Spanish family LightSpeed Spanish

199 Lesson The Past and Spanish Hotels LightSpeed Spanish

198 Lesson Transitive Spanish verbs and No Digas..Di LightSpeed Spanish

197 Lesson Spanish sounds and commands LightSpeed Spanish

196 Lesson Probablemente + Future and Our learning journey LightSpeed Spanish

195 Spanish False Friends and multiple meanings LightSpeed Spanish

194 Lesson Pronunciation in Spanish and flexibility LightSpeed Spanish

193 Lesson Humour and Spanish Songs for kids LightSpeed Spanish

192 Lesson Spanish refrains and Cool verbs LightSpeed Spanish

191 Lesson A Spanish dictation and test your Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

190 Lesson Gratitude in Spanish and funny stories LightSpeed Spanish

189 Lesson Spanish Motivation and Mismo LightSpeed Spanish

188 Lesson Common Spanish Errors LightSpeed Spanish

187 Lesson Confusing Spanish expressions and verbs LightSpeed Spanish

186 Lesson Spanish Prepositions in a story LightSpeed Spanish

185 Lesson The Spanish SE in action LightSpeed Spanish

183 Lesson Encantar and the subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

184 Lesson Spanish jokes and translations LightSpeed Spanish

182 Lesson If would vs If will in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

181 Lesson Love Talk and Spanish Relative Pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

180 Lesson Spanish reading systems and the Spanish TENER verbs LightSpeed Spanish

179 Lesson Vosotros commands and Prepositions in questions LightSpeed Spanish

178 Lesson Analysing the Spanish Future LightSpeed Spanish

177 Lesson Talking of death in Spanish and Spanish put verbs LightSpeed Spanish

176 Lesson Analysing Spanish Pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

175 Lesson Analysing Spanish accents from Spain LightSpeed Spanish

174 Lesson Analysing the Spanish past LightSpeed Spanish

173 Lesson A True Spanish Christmas Feliz Navidad LightSpeed Spanish

172 Lesson Spanish colour expressions LightSpeed Spanish

171 Lesson Spain vs Latin America Expressions, vocab and accents LightSpeed Spanish

170 Lesson Great Spanish questions and Translating song lyrics LightSpeed Spanish

169 Lesson The 5 senses in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

168 Using YA and 10 tips to make your Spanish move forward LightSpeed Spanish

167 Lesson The 4 Spanish Conditionals LightSpeed Spanish

166 Lesson Using Haber and Decorating vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

165 Lesson Test your Spanish past and Verbs that change meaning LightSpeed Spanish

164 Lesson Test your Spanish Pronouns and using CASI with present LightSpeed Spanish

163 Mitad vs Medio The Spanish half LightSpeed Spanish

162 Test your Spanish medical vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

161 Lesson Spanish preposition test LightSpeed Spanish

160 Lesson Spanish False Cognates (friends) LightSpeed Spanish

159 Spanish Adverbs and their function LightSpeed Spanish

158 Lesson Phrasal Verbs in Spanish Test your skills LightSpeed Spanish

157 Lesson Spanish Subjunctive test LightSpeed Spanish

156 Lesson Spanish words that can’t be translated LightSpeed Spanish

155 Lesson Great Spanish vocabulary in the Gym and a test LightSpeed Spanish

154 Lesson Spanish pronunciation test and more tests! LightSpeed Spanish

153 Me da por vs Me doy por Beauty / Challenges LightSpeed Spanish

152 Smoking and Bribing and Spanish Slang LightSpeed Spanish

151 Testing your Spanish and Tough words for Spaniards LightSpeed Spanish

150 Lesson Using Soler and the verb IR LightSpeed Spanish

149 Spanish wedding protocol Trata de vs se Trata de LightSpeed Spanish

148 The Spanish Butcher Divertirse Espabilarse LightSpeed Spanish

147 Spanish Subjunctive Master Class Shadowing LightSpeed Spanish

146 Lesson Spanish Double meanings and Quedar LightSpeed Spanish

145 Lesson Debate Sounds in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

144 Lesson El Embarazo Spanish future vs conditional LightSpeed Spanish

143 Lesson Using the Spanish article and Office vocab LightSpeed Spanish

142 Lesson The Spanish Imperative and our trip to England LightSpeed Spanish

141 lesson The ITV test in Spain What to expect LightSpeed Spanish

140 Lesson Great Spanish Expressions and Motivate Yourself LightSpeed Spanish

139 Lesson Real Life Spanish: At the fuel station LightSpeed Spanish

138 Lesson Arte, Spanish Topsy Turvy sentences and be sure to…LightSpeed Spanish

137 Phrases with NI and how Brexit has affected us LightSpeed Spanish

136 Lesson Using Haber and unexpected questions LightSpeed Spanish

135 Lesson Tener que ver and other uses of tener LightSpeed Spanish

134 Lesson Fat tax? Free Education? Common Spanish Subjunctive errors LightSpeed Spanish

133 Lesson Ban betting Women’s rights and Mientras Estuve

132 Lesson Using mismo well and un debate LightSpeed Spanish

131 Lesson Spanish adjective placement and Spanish debate

130 Vamos vs Vámonos + Debate LightSpeed Spanish

129 Lesson Educar en casa, Clonar and Should/Could/Must have… LightSpeed Spanish

128 Lesson Political Correctness in Spain and Entre sí vs Entre ellos

127 Lesson Animal Rights, Assisted Suicide and Spanish idioms LightSpeed Spanish

126 Lesson Fiestas in Spain and using Vosotros LightSpeed Spanish

125 Lesson Bullfighting and Tener + location/emotion/health LightSpeed Spanish

124 Lesson Mercedes on street games and making Spanish questions.

123 Lesson How to understand Spanish native speakers LightSpeed Spanish

122 Lesson Andar vs Caminar vs Pasear- Choosing a dog – LightSpeed Spanish

121 Lesson Engagement and Spanish colloquialisms

120 Lesson The Spanish Direct Pronoun Mystery & Whatsappear LightSpeed Spanish

119 Lesson Asking positive questions in Spanish and Trabalenguas LightSpeed Spanish

118 Lesson Gordon’s Mistakes and Por decir algo the meaning LightSpeed Spanish

117 Lesson De vs Desde and Why do I speak so slowly? LightSpeed Spanish

116 Lesson Old English vs Spanish Translating from English to Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

115 Lesson Choosing your Spanish accent Understanding the word Bottom LightSpeed Spanish

114 Lesson Leaving Home and Spanish Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

113 Lesson Spain vs Latin America Se explained LightSpeed Spanish

112 The Spanish Cinema and Imperfect Subjunctive Wishes LightSpeed Spanish

111 Lesson Spanish Railway and The use of UE in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

110 Lesson Social networks, Making Spanish sentences, banks and subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

109 Lesson Great Spanish Questions and Quien vs El que LightSpeed Spanish

108 Lesson Interactions with Good/Difficult people – Spanish preposition warning LightSpeed Spanish

107 Lesson 5 Top places of interest in Spain and UK plus The verb Faltar LightSpeed Spanish

106 Lesson Camping in Spain and Using the Subjunctive with Si and Cuando LightSpeed Spanish

105 Lesson Home costs in Spain Review time LightSpeed Spanish

104 Lesson Cooking at home and the uses of Según

103 Lesson Spaniards on Holiday – Bajar vs Bajarse Subir vs Subirse LightSpeed Spanish

102 lesson Racism in Spain and How to buy shoes.

101 Lesson La Independencia de Cataluña Direct Object pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

100 Lesson Historias graciosas y Cava Funny Stories and Cava LightSpeed Spanish

99 Lesson Toparse vs Encontrarse plus- Ideas about God. LightSpeed Spanish

98 Lesson The days of Franco Nouns with double genders LightSpeed Spanish

97 Lesson Comparing old TV series with modern day Ya verás explained LightSpeed Spanish

96 Lesson Healthy Lifestyles and Swearwords in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

95 Lesson Learning another language – Spanish Conversation – How to start one LightSpeed Spanish

94 Lesson Regional Spanish Accents and Spanish START verbs LightSpeed Spanish

93 Lesson Travelling and Spanish Cleft Sentences LightSpeed Spanish

92 Lesson Noise in Spain and the uses of Si and Sí LightSpeed Spanish

91 Lesson Raising Bilingual Children and Divertirse vs Disfrutar LightSpeed Spanish

90 Lesson Spanish vocabulary on where you live LightSpeed Spanish

89 Lesson Changing Spanish verbs to nouns LightSpeed Spanish

88 Lesson Do I use the subjunctive on myself? LightSpeed Spanish

87 Lesson Echar and Echarse The throwing verbs LightSpeed Spanish

86 Lesson Spanish verbs to Throw LightSpeed Spanish

85 Lesson Meter vs Meterse LightSpeed Spanish

84 Lesson Getting an ITV in Spain (MOT) LightSpeed Spanish

83 Lesson Using the verb KEEP in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

82 Lesson Saying Stop in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

81 Lesson Using Ni Siquiera and Más de vs Más que LightSpeed Spanish

80 Lesson Spanish Swearwords and the Education System LightSpeed Spanish

79 Lesson Spanish Interjections LightSpeed Spanish

78 Lesson Salir and its meaning LightSpeed Spanish

77 Lesson Saber in the past Siempre lo Supe LightSpeed Spanish

76 Lesson Encima de vs En vs Por Encima de LightSpeed Spanish

75 Lesson Spanish Gardening Vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

74 lesson Estuve vs Estaba leyendo-trabajando Past Continuous LightSpeed Spanish

73 Lesson Buses and Taxis in Spain At the Launderette/Laundromat LightSpeed Spanish

72 Lesson At the hairdresser’s in Spain LightSpeed Spanish

71 Lesson Back to the Spanish Future LightSpeed Spanish

70 Lesson Moving to Spain Do you have plans? LightSpeed Spanish

69 Lesson Christmas time in Spain The important days LightSpeed Spanish

68 Lesson Spanish Dentists Useful verbs and vocab LightSpeed Spanish

67 Lesson Writing Spanish letters – Él mismo vs Sí mismo LightSpeed Spanish

66 Lesson Se escribió vs Está escrito Inclusive vs Incluso LightSpeed Spanish

65 Lesson Review Lo Mismo vs Igual & Lo de, La de etc. LightSpeed Spanish

64 Lesson Review Supposed to / The Porques / Become in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

63 Lesson Review Había vs Hubo, Tenía vs Tuvo, Fue vs Era LightSpeed Spanish

62 Lesson Sólo vs Solamente + Double Subjunctives LightSpeed Spanish

61 Lesson The Present Perfect and Spanish Pluperfect LightSpeed Spanish

60 Lesson The word Punto and Times of the day LightSpeed Spanish

59 Doubtful Spanish Future and Prepositions LightSpeed Spanish

58 Lesson QUE vs DE QUE and Antes/Después de que LightSpeed Spanish

57 Using the Spanish Continuous properly LightSpeed Spanish

56 Lesson Spanish Supermarkets and the Vocab LightSpeed Spanish

55 Lesson Chico vs Muchacho and much more LightSpeed Spanish

54 Lesson Spanish Time Vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

53 Lesson Alegrar vs Alegrarse and Illness LightSpeed Spanish

52 Lesson The verb To Take in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

51 Lesson The Spanish Lo de and Starting Spanish sentences with QUE LightSpeed Spanish

50 Lesson Transitive/Intransitive verbs + The verb Seguir LightSpeed Spanish

49 Lesson Spanish Banking Vocabulary LightSpeed Spanish

48 Lesson Using Capitals and saying Sorry in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

47 Lesson Igual vs Lo Mismo LightSpeed Spanish

46 Lesson Spanish Subjunctive with Negar Dudar Antes/Después de que LightSpeed Spanish

45 Lesson Spanish Culture The pros and cons LightSpeed Spanish

44 Lesson Como in Spanish What it means LightSpeed Spanish

43 Lesson The verb Haber and it’s uses LightSpeed Spanish

42 Lesson How to say Supposed to in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

41 Lesson The Spanish PORQUES LightSpeed Spanish

40 Lesson Spanish Verbs of Time and Placement LightSpeed Spanish

39 Lesson Spanish Verbs of Becoming and ‘Is my Spanish too formal?’ LightSpeed Spanish

38 Lesson Compliments in Spanish and Shortened Words LightSpeed Spanish

37 Lesson Llevar Llevarse Their Meanings LightSpeed Spanish

36 Lesson To Return in Spanish, Mixed Adjectives and Hidden Prepositions LightSpeed Spanish

35 Lesson Buying clothes in Spain and General Sizing LightSpeed Spanish

34 Lesson Important Spanish Words from John’s List LightSpeed Spanish

33 Lesson Spanish Review Repaso 2 LightSpeed Spanish

32 Lesson Test your Spanish Un Repaso LightSpeed Spanish

31 Lesson Spanish Professions LightSpeed Spanish

30 Lesson Spanish Prepositions and their Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

29 Lesson Ordering in Spanish Restaurants and cafés LightSpeed Spanish

28 Lesson Making Spanish Sentences ‘Perifrases Verbales’ LightSpeed Spanish

27 Lesson Here, There, This, That, These, Those in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

26 Lesson Spanish Punctuation LightSpeed Spanish

25 Lesson The Spanish Verb Pasar LightSpeed Spanish

24 Lesson The House in Which I Live – Great Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

23 Lesson Spanish Sentence Construction LightSpeed Spanish

22 Lesson Spanish Verbs Reflexive/Non-Reflexive LightSpeed Spanish

21 Lesson The Phrasal Verb Get in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

20 Lesson The Spanish Gerund with other Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

19 Lesson Spanish Christmas Día de los Santos Inocentes LightSpeed Spanish

18 Lesson Ways of saying Become in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

17 Lesson Getting Angry in Spanish Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

16 Lesson The Hidden Spanish LO LightSpeed Spanish

Feliz Navidad de 2016 a todos los Socios

15 Lesson Alguno, Ninguno and Cualquiera in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

14 Lesson The Verb Quedar and Quedarse LightSpeed Spanish

13 Lesson The Spanish Gerund Using it well LightSpeed Spanish

12 Lesson Using Gustar with a System LightSpeed Spanish

11 Lesson Ser and Estar Using them well Ser Socio

10 Lesson Spanish Lo que, Lo de, El de, qué and other confusing structures Ser Socio

9 Lesson Tips on Pronunciation in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

8 Lesson Spanish Hospitals and the Doctor’s Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

7 Lesson I have eaten or I ate? When and when not to use the Present Perfect. Ser Socio.

6 Lesson Being SCARED Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

5 Lesson The Personal A in Action Ser Socio LightSpeed Spanish

Ser Socio Chalk & Talk

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357 Chalk and Talk Structures used in English vs. in Spanish

356 Chalk and Talk Could, should & would in Spanish

355 Chalk and Talk The Use of LE in Spanish

354 Chalk and Talk Present tense vs Future tense in Spanish

353 Chalk and Talk Salir VS Quedar in Spanish

352 Chalk and Talk Definite Article in Spanish

351 Chalk and Talk Averiguar & Encontrar in Spanish

350 Chalk and Talk The Placement of Adjectives in Spanish

349 Chalk and Talk The word: Jamás in Spanish

348 Chalk and Talk Las oraciones de relativo in Spanish

347 Chalk and Talk Las Conjugaciones in Spanish

346 Chalk and Talk The “SI” in Spanish

345 Chalk and Talk Los que, Las que, El que & La que in Spanish

344 Chalk and Talk Analysing expressions of a native speaker in Spanish

343 Chalk and Talk The A in Spanish

342 Chalk and Talk Being Poorly in Spanish

341 Chalk and Talk Conditional Tense in Spanish

340 Chalk and Talk The word: Funny in Spanish

339 Chalk and Talk Sentences with “Que” & Getting it wrong in Spanish

338 Chalk and Talk The difference between “para” & “a” in Spanish

337 Chalk and Talk The Method of Listening to Native Speakers in Spanish

336 Chalk and Talk Exercise with the Subjunctive in Spanish

335 Chalk and Talk Hypothetical Questions in Spanish

334 Chalk and Talk Uses & Examples of “Lo” in Spanish

333 Chalk and Talk Prepositions Test in Spanish

332 Chalk and Talk Colours in Spanish

331 Chalk and Talk Similar words & Homophones words in Spanish

330 Chalk and Talk Unusual things in Spanish

329 Chalk and Talk Experience of moving to Spain in Spanish

328 Chalk and Talk Direct Translation in Spanish

327 Chalk and Talk Review of the Past in Spanish

326 Chalk and Talk Funny Videos in Spanish

325 Chalk and Talk Sentarse and Sentirse in Spanish

324 Chalk and Talk Possesive Pronouns in Spanish

323 Chalk and Talk Gordon´s Mistakes in Spanish

322 Chalk and Talk 20-Expressions in Spanish

321 Chalk and Talk Regret Expressions in Spanish

320 Chalk and Talk El que/La que/Quien in Spanish

319 Chalk and Talk Native Speaker Analysis in Spanish

318 Chalk and Talk Reported Speech in Spanish

317 Chalk and Talk The Imperative in Spanish

316 Chalk and Talk The GUSTAR Test 2 in Spanish

315 Chalk and Talk The GUSTAR Test 1 in Spanish

314 Chalk and Talk The Antonyms Test in Spanish

313 Chalk and Talk The Victim Structure in Spanish

312 Chalk and Talk Triggers for the Subjunctive in Spanish

311 Chalk and Talk Spanish Imperative and its uses

310 Chalk and Talk Ways of Talking About Something in Spanish

309 Chalk and Talk Spanish emphasis and Ponerse

308 Chalk and Talk Very Useful Expressions in Spanish

307 Chalk and Talk Very Useful Keywords que in Spanish

306 Chalk and Talk Past Tense Quiz in Spanish

305 Chalk and Talk Ya, Ahora and Has De in Spanish

304 Chalk and Talk Before in Spanish

303 Chalk and Talk Funny Spanish Videos

302 Chalk and Talk Key Spanish vocabulary

301 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Imperfect and Preterite

300 Chalk and Talk- Confusing Spanish questions

299 Chalk and Talk Conocer vs Saber and knowing

298 Chalk and Talk Sigue siguiendo, Por, et al

297 Chalk and Talk Spanish Toilets

296 Chalk and Talk Funny Spanish videos to help you learn

295 Chalk and Talk DE vs DESDE Their meanings

294 Chalk and Talk Fascinating Spanish questions

293 Chalk and Talk The Spanish D, Tener porqué, Pensar de

292 Chalk and Talk – Listen and understand Spanish

291 Chalk and Talk 7 Challenges to learning Spanish

290 Chalk and Talk Spanish Listening 10 tips

289 Chalk and Talk Gordon vs Spanish Google Translate

288 Chalk and Talk Move Spanish present to past

287 Chalk and Talk Mayor vs Menor and their meanings

286 Chalk and Talk Spanish SE structures

285 Chalk and Talk Speaking Spanish quickly and song lyrics

284 Chalk and Talk Spanish listening with Blanca

283 Chalk and Talk Entender vs Comprender

282 Chalk and Talk Ser and Estar review time

281 Chalk and Talk Te gusta hacer or te gustan hacer

280 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Triggers with NO

279 Chalk and Talk Test your Spanish Imperative

278 Chalk and Talk Listen to Spanish from Madrid

277 Chalk and Talk A Christmas Spanish vocabulary test

276 Chalk and Talk Spanish question tags

275 Chalk and Talk The real meaning of ECHAR

274 Chalk and Talk LISTO in Spanish

273 Chalk and Talk Spanish lyrics explained

272 Chalk and Talk A Test of your Spanish listening

271 Chalk and Talk: Learn to hear spoken Spanish

270 Chalk and Talk Spanish or English at 9?

269 Chalk and Talk Using Haber in the past

268 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive confusions

267 Chalk and Talk Reaching for the verb Llegar

266 Chalk and Talk The Spanish verb Soler

265 Chalk and Talk Spanish Present Perfect structure -meaning

264 Chalk and Talk SE and THEY The Spanish Passive Voice

263 Chalk and Talk Using Apostar

262 Chalk and Talk The Moody Spanish Subjunctive

261 Chalk and Talk Pronouncing Vosotros well

260 Chalk and Talk SE LO vs SE LE

259 Chalk and Talk Spanish errors & handy words

258 Chalk and Talk Use a mí and a ti well

257 Chalk and Chalk Fast Track Spanish and THE

256 Chalk and Talk Spanish listening test

255 Chalk and Talk De todo vs Todo Para vs Que

254 Chalk and Talk Test your Ser and Estar

253 Chalk and Talk Great Spanish tips

252 Chalk and Talk Test your Spanish prepositions

251 Chalk and Talk What Spanish tenses should I focus on?

250 Chalk and Talk To say with the Spanish subjunctive

249 Chalk and Talk Spanish Tenses review

248 Chalk and Talk The Spanish ELLO and ‘Back’

247 Chalk and Talk Test with Spanish football

246 Chalk and Talk Saying: I’m wrong in Spanish

245 Chalk and Talk Que vs De que Que vs Lo que

244 Chalk and Talk Creer vs Creerse and more

243 Chalk and Talk Ser or Estar + passive voice

242 Chalk and Talk Spanish Vocab Tips, ‘Used to’

241 Chalk and Talk Analysing Spanish Keith Failioni

240 Chalk and Talk Reading, Walking and Oír vs Escuchar

239 Chalk and Talk The verb Quedar and comparisons

238 Chalk and Talk Eoin: Analysing spoken Spanish

237 Chalk and Talk I find myself in Spanish

236 Chalk and Talk Leísmo and Spanish speaking confidence

235 Chalk and Talk Understanding the Spanish subjunctive

234 Chalk and Talk Puesto, Vale and the verb Haber

233 Chalk and Talk Great advice and the Spanish B and V

232 Chalk and Talk Donde vs Adonde and Introducing people

231 Chalk and Talk The Spanish MY and Attaining fluency

230 Chalk and Talk Quijote by Julio Iglesias

229 Chalk and Talk Important Spanish filler words

228 Chalk and Talk Hace vs hace que, desde hace y desde

227 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Leche and how to use it

226 Chalk and Talk Spanish analysis of Mike Gardner

225 Chalk and Talk Test out your Spanish past

224 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive errors Light Speed Spanish

223 Chalk and Talk Time to Test your Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

222 Chalk and Talk The verb Tocar and ¿Cómo me le va? LightSpeed Spanish

221 Chalk and Talk The Spanish SINO and cuanto más mejor

220 Chalk and Talk Testing your Spanish listening LightSpeed Spanish

219 Chalk and Talk TELL in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

218 Chalk and Talk Ser vs Estar and Imperfect vs Preterite LightSpeed Spanish

217 Chalk and Talk Había Hubo and Ha habido LightSpeed Spanish

216 Chalk and Talk Caer bien and Hacer falta

215 Chalk and Talk Real Spanish Grammar LightSpeed Spanish

214 Chalk and Talk Spanish sentences with Indirect Pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

213 Chalk and Talk Levels of learning in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

212 Chalk and Talk Pronominal, Personal A and Subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

211 Chalk and Talk Key Spanish questions LightSpeed Spanish

210 Chalk and Talk Use Gustar really well LightSpeed Spanish

209 Chalk and Talk Understanding Llevara, Se trataba and AL LightSpeed Spanish

208 Chalk and Talk The Definitive Spanish SE lesson LightSpeed Spanish

207 Chalk and Talk Spanish Possessive pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

206 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Gerund with accents LightSpeed Spanish

205 Chalk and Talk Spanish Conversational Gems LightSpeed Spanish

204 Chalk and Talk Spanish Passive Voice solution LightSpeed Spanish

203 Chalk and Talk Curiosities of the Spanish past LightSpeed Spanish

202 Chalk and Talk Haya or Hayan + more LightSpeed Spanish

201 Chalk and Talk More SE and the Spanish Present Subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

200 Chalk and Talk Bolting Spanish Infinitives Together LightSpeed Spanish

199 Chalk and Talk The mysterious Spanish SE LightSpeed Spanish

198 Chalk and Talk Contar vs Decir LightSpeed Spanish

197 Chalk and Talk Conmover vs Mover Ver vs Mirar

196 Chalk and Talk Spanish Future and Conditional

195 Chalk and Talk Understanding Gustar and much more LightSpeed Spanish

194 Chalk and Talk Translating Spanish and its challenges LightSpeed Spanish

193 Chalk and Talk The Spanish past LightSpeed Spanish

192 Chalk and Talk Poner vs Ponerse LightSpeed Spanish

191 Chalk and Talk Spanish native analysis with Lorenzo LightSpeed Spanish

190 Chalk and Talk Leísmo and Laísmo LightSpeed Spanish

189 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Gets LightSpeed Spanish

188 Chalk and Talk Changing metaphors into Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

187 Chalk and Talk English vs Spanish and Vampires vs Zombies LightSpeed Spanish

186 Chalk and Talk Making your Spanish interesting LightSpeed Spanish

185 Chalk and Talk Testing your Spanish Past LightSpeed Spanish

183 Chalk and Talk Alguien vs Nadie Alguno vs Ninguno LightSpeed Spanish

184 Chalk and Talk The Coronavirus with Mercedes LightSpeed Spanish

182 Chalk and Talk Estar por vs Estar para Fried Eggs and Hostias LightSpeed Spanish

181 Chalk and Talk Irregular Spanish verbs and Commands with Children LightSpeed Spanish

180 Chalk and Talk Spanish verbs and their prepositions A and DE LightSpeed Spanish

179 Chalk and Talk Saying Supposed to in Spanish and Must have LightSpeed Spanish

178 Chalk and Talk How to use Shall in Spanish and much more LightSpeed Spanish

177 Chalk and Talk Using DE in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

176 Chalk and Talk Llevar vs Tardar Acabar and Ir a vs Estar en LightSpeed Spanish

175 Chalk and Talk Clearing up Spanish confusions LightSpeed Spanish

174 Chalk and Talk Bird’s Eye view on Spanish The pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

173 Chalk and Talk Learn Spanish with Imagery Positioning LightSpeed Spanish

172 Chalk and Talk Translating Spanish – The Nitty Gritty LightSpeed Spanish

171 Chalk and Talk The verb Echar Uses and Expressions LightSpeed Spanish

170 Chalk and Talk Driving in Spain LightSpeed Spanish

169 Chalk and Talk Learning to hear Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

168 Chalk and Talk Spanish Preterite Conjugations

167 Chalk and Talk Learning Spanish Prepositions by Ear LightSpeed Spanish

166 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive test + culture

165 Chalk and Talk Test your Time in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

164 Chalk and Talk Test your Listening and Famous Spanish songs

163 Chalk and Talk Understanding Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

162 Chalk and SE in Spanish Test yourself LightSpeed Spanish

161 Chalk and Talk Understand Spanish natives LightSpeed Spanish

160 Chalk and Talk Spanish Listening Skills LightSpeed Spanish

159 Chalk and Talk Spanish Restaurant Test LightSpeed Spanish

158 Chalk and Talk Spanish Passive Voice Test yourself LightSpeed Spanish

157 Chalk and Talk Por and Para Test yourself LightSpeed Spanish

156 Chalk and Talk Spanish Quiz Time with Mercedes LightSpeed Spanish

155 Chalk and Talk Ser and Estar Test LightSpeed Spanish

154 Chalk and Talk Spanish Pronouns Test LightSpeed Spanish

153 Testing your Spanish with a new resource LightSpeed Spanish

152 Chalk and Talk Test your Spanish prepositions.

151 Chalk and Talk Building Spanish sentences LightSpeed Spanish

150 Chalk and Talk El Pescador Satisfecho Spanish Stories LightSpeed Spanish

149 Meet Brooke talking about her Spanish Immersion Course LightSpeed Spanish

148 Chalk and Talk Meet Ángel Madrid Accent LightSpeed Spanish

147 Chalk and Talk Review your Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

146 Chalk and Talk Spanish Confusions and the Cuenca Disaster LightSpeed Spanish

145 Chalk and Talk Meet Víctor our Spanish musician LightSpeed Spanish

144 Chalk and Talk Bien vs Bueno vs Buen y las demás cosas LightSpeed Spanish

143 Chalk and Talk Non-native in Nerja, Spain + Quickfire questions LightSpeed Spanish

142 Chalk and Talk Ver vs Mirar so much more LightSpeed Spanish

141 Chalk and Talk A Simple Spanish interview: Mercedes Lightspeed Spanish

140 Chalk and Talk Spanish Interjections + De, Desde, A partir de LightSpeed Spanish

139 Chalk and Talk Spanish tour guide language LightSpeed Spanish

138 Chalk and Talk Te va bien vs Te sale bien LightSpeed Spanish

137 Chalk and Talk Help with Spanish confusion A call to action LightSpeed Spanish

136 Chalk and Talk Brexit in Spanish with Ian Lander

135 Chalk and Talk Heroe by Anita Barrow and Spanish book analysis LightSpeed Spanish

134 Chalk and Talk The 6 Spanish Wass LightSpeed Spanish

133 Chalk and Talk Meet Nuria, José y Luci otra vez

132 Chalk and Talk Understanding Spanish novels LightSpeed Spanish

131 Chalk and Talk Remembering Spanish vocab

130 Chalk and Talk Analysing Gordon – Vets in Spain

129 Chalk and Talk The Spanish WAS LightSpeed Spanish

128 Chalk and Talk Meet Jackson Argentinian Spanish

127 Chalk and Talk Spanish Reported Speech. Nivel Dios :)

126 Chalk and Talk Meet Juan Eugenio Living in a Spanish village LightSpeed Spanish

125 Chalk and Talk Unas cuantas cosas Spanish measurement LightSpeed Spanish

124 Chalk and Talk Greg on Spanish Immersion courses

123 Chalk and Talk I have been in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

122 Chalk and Talk Spanish from la Coruña. A laugh and an analysis. LightSpeed Spanish

121 Chalk and Talk Meet Andrew Learning Spanish in Spain

120 Chalk and Talk Changing my Spanish accent LightSpeed Spanish

119 Chalk and Talk Meet Thom High level Spanish from a non-native LightSpeed Spanish

118 Chalk and Talk Meet Francisco Spanish Building vocabulary Difficulty level 9.5 LightSpeed Spanish

117 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive confusions – Getting the best out of non-native speakers LightSpeed Spanish

116 Chalk and Talk Meet Catherine Learning Spanish for 3 years LightSpeed Spanish

115 Chalk and Talk Meet Walt Barbour Non-Native Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

114 Chalk and Talk Meet David Reid Non-native Spanish speaker LightSpeed Spanish

113 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Imperative and Update on Luci the Lamb LightSpeed Spanish

112 Chalk and Talk Meet Nataneal Spanish speech broken down LightSpeed Spanish

111 Chalk and Talk Spanish study tools and how to use them LightSpeed Spanish

110 Chalk and Talk Meet Laura Challenging Spanish Speaker LightSpeed Spanish

109 Chalk and Talk Ha sido vs Ha estado Ser vs Estar LightSpeed Spanish

108 Chalk and Talk Easy listening Spanish Interview with Maribel LightSpeed Spanish

107 Chalk and Talk Test your Spanish Become, Haber and SE LightSpeed Spanish

106 Chalk and Talk Meet Alonso a Native Spanish Speaker LightSpeed Spanish

105 Chalk and Talk Spanish Review of the Future and the Past LightSpeed Spanish

104 Chalk and Talk Meet Felix talking about Paella Valenciana LightSpeed Spanish

103 Chalk and Talk 10 Spanish verbs that take the A preposition LightSpeed Spanish

102 Chalk and Talk How to become a Polyglot Meet Manuel LightSpeed Spanish

101 Chalk and Talk Meet Alex Native Spanish Speakers Series LightSpeed Spanish

100 Chalk and Talk Let’s celebrate with a Full Spanish Review LightSpeed Spanish

99 Chalk and Talk Ana’s Life A native Spanish speaker LightSpeed Spanish

98 Chalk and Talk All the Spanish tenses with Elena LightSpeed Spanish

97 Chalk and Talk The Perfect Life in Spain An analysis with Dani LightSpeed Spanish

96 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Future with Cynthia LightSpeed Spanish

95 Chalk and Talk José Luis – The Past in Spanish and in Spain LightSpeed Spanish

94 Chalk and Talk Mercedes on her childhood Analysing Spoken Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

93 Chalk and Talk Review my Spanish El Retiro LightSpeed Spanish

92 Chalk and Talk Using Si + Imperfect Subjunctive + Conditional

91 Chalk and Talk Spanish Personal Pronouns When do we use them and How? LightSpeed Spanish

90 Chalk and Talk De qué sirve vs ¿Para qué sirve? LightSpeed Spanish

89 Chalk and Talk Using How to use LE + A LightSpeed Spanish

88 Chalk and Talk Spanish explained step by step LightSpeed Spanish

87 Chalk and Talk Should I do a DELE course? How to improve my memory LightSpeed Spanish

86 Chalk and Talk Todavía and Ya Still, Already and Yet LightSpeed Spanish

85 Chalk and Talk Recordar vs Acordarse LightSpeed Spanish

84 Chalk and Talk Mí vs Me Dropping in the pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

83 Chalk and Talk Spanish Reported Speech LightSpeed Spanish

82 Chalk and Talk Deber vs Deberse Poner vs Ponerse LightSpeed Spanish

81 Chalk and Talk A no ser que vs Con tal de que LightSpeed Spanish

80 Chalk and Talk Spanish Prepositional Pronouns vs Personal LightSpeed Spanish

79 Chalk and Talk Full Spanish Tense Review LightSpeed Spanish

78 Chalk and Talk Cerca vs Cercano LightSpeed Spanish

77 Chalk and Talk Otherwise in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

76 Chalk and Talk The Negative Spanish Subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

75 Chalk and Talk Todo vs Todos vs Todo el mundo LightSpeed Spanish

74 Chalk and Talk Using Vuelta in Spanish It’s many meanings LightSpeed Spanish

73 Chalk and Talk Disappointed in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

72 Chalk and Talk Olvidarse vs Olvidar + Caerse LightSpeed Spanish

71 Chalk and Talk Gotta Get It in Spanish Using GET LightSpeed Spanish

70 Chalk and Talk Abajo vs Debajo vs Bajo + Flashcards LightSpeed Spanish

69 Chalk and Talk Conversing in Spanish How to LightSpeed Spanish

68 Chalk and Talk Understanding Spanish Text LightSpeed Spanish

67 Chalk and Talk Venga vs Vale vs Adiós LightSpeed Spanish

66 Chalk and Talk Imaginándomelo and other Spanish gerunds LightSpeed Spanish

65A Chalk and Talk Understanding Se Supone LightSpeed Spanish

65 Chalk and Talk Spanish Quiz Time LightSpeed Spanish

64 Chalk and Talk Review Quedar vs Quedarse Tener ganas/ilusión LightSpeed Spanish

63 Chalk and Talk Review Time Saber or Conocer + SE verbs

62 Chalk and Talk (2nd half) Understanding Haber Ought/n’t to have LightSpeed Spanish

61 Chalk and Talk (1st half) Will/Would/Must have in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

60 Chalk and Talk The verb Haber continued (La parte chunga) LightSpeed Spanish

59 Chalk and Talk Hay in the future and the past LightSpeed Spanish

58 Chalk and Talk Using SE with Spanish pronominal verbs LightSpeed Spanish

57 Chalk and Talk The Spanish verb Quedar + Dar una vuelta LightSpeed Spanish

56 Chalk and Talk Spanish Connectors and Conversation Starters LightSpeed Spanish

55 Chalk and Talk Tener ganas vs Tener ilusion / Slowing people down LightSpeed Spanish

54 Chalk and Talk Hay with Spanish Subjunctive and If Would LightSpeed Spanish

53 Chalk and Talk Decir vs Contar and Why Present and not WILL LightSpeed Spanish

52 Chalk and Talk Faltar vs Hacer falta LightSpeed Spanish

51 Chalk and Talk Therapy for Learning Blocks LightSpeed Spanish

50 Chalk and Talk Bien or Bueno, Mal or Malo? Comenzar or Empezar LightSpeed Spanish

49 Chalk and Talk Ways around the Spanish Passive Voice LightSpeed Spanish

48 Chalk and Talk Victor 2 Spanish Expressions LightSpeed Spanish

47 Chalk and Talk Salir vs Irse vs Marcharse LightSpeed Spanish

46 Chalk and Talk Weird Uses of the Spanish LE LightSpeed Spanish

45 Chalk and Talk Saber vs Conocer LightSpeed Spanish

44 Chalk and Talk Spanish Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

43 Chalk and Talk The Spanish YA LightSpeed Spanish

42 Chalk and Talk ABOUT in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

41 Chalk and Talk Using the Spanish Definite Article ‘THE’ LightSpeed Spanish

40 Chalk and Talk Going into the Spanish Past Subjunctive LightSpeed Spanish

39 Chalk and Talk Ser or Estar ? LightSpeed Spanish

38 Chalk and Talk Spanish Listening Skills El Negocio LightSpeed Spanish

37 Chalk and Talk The Spanish YO and other pronouns LightSpeed Spanish

36 Chalk and Talk Fue vs Era How to choose LightSpeed Spanish

35 Chalk y Talk The Spanish Past Tenses LightSpeed Spanish

34 Chalk and Talk Por vs Para Metaphors for Learning LightSpeed Spanish

33 Chalk and Talk Tiempo vs Hora and Yo vs Mí LightSpeed Spanish

32 Chalk and Talk Spanish Future Subjunctive AFTERWARDS LightSpeed Spanish

31 Chalk and Talk Algo, Nada and Poco vs un Poco LightSpeed Spanish

30 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Possibilities (cont) LightSpeed Spanish

29 Chalk and Talk Muy vs Mucho and other important words LightSpeed Spanish

28 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Possibilities LightSpeed Spanish

27 Chalk and Talk The Aunque and Así que meaning LightSpeed Spanish

26 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Obligations LightSpeed Spanish

25 Chalk and Talk Ya vs Todavía LightSpeed Spanish

24 Chalk and Talk Spanish Subjunctive Opinions LightSpeed Spanish

23 Chalk and Talk The Usted Imperative Explained LightSpeed Spanish

22 Chalk and Talk 3 Spanish Subjunctive WISHES LightSpeed Spanish

21 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Imperative LightSpeed Spanish

20 Chalk and Talk Easy Spanish Subjunctive 2 LightSpeed Spanish

19 Chalk and Talk The Spanish Past Participle as an Adjective LightSpeed Spanish

18 Chalk and Talk What is the Spanish Subjunctive? (1) LightSpeed Spanish

17 Chalk and Talk Would/Should/Could have in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

16 Chalk and Talk The Verb Pasar in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

15 Chalk and Talk Spanish Reflexive Verbs LightSpeed Spanish

14 Chalk and Talk Que vs Cual? (¿Qué? vs ¿Cuál?) LightSpeed Spanish

13 Chalk and Talk COULD in Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

12 Chalk and Talk Understand SE in Spanish with the Victim Structure

11 Chalk and Talk Understanding the Spanish SE LightSpeed Spanish

10 Chalk and Talk Enhance your Spanish Learning LightSpeed Spanish

9 Chalk and Talk P.R.I.D. Perfecting the Pronoun Order

8 Chalk and Talk The verb Echar and Echarse LightSpeed Spanish

7 Chalk and Talk Review my Spanish LightSpeed Spanish

6a+ 6b Chalk and Talk Getting your Spanish Pronunciation right LightSpeed Spanish

5 Chalk and Talk The verb PEGAR and explaining ¡QUE SÍ! and ¡QUE NO!

4 Chalk and Talk Reported Speech: Who said what to whom?

3 Chalk and Talk Redundant use of the LE pronoun

2 Chalk and Talk Pronunciation and the Nose Rule

1 Chalk and Talk. The Personal A. How and when to use it (and when not!)