Spanish Skype Lessons

Spanish Skype Lessoms
¡Hola! As part of our growing service to you, we are now pleased to offer ONE TO ONE ONLINE SPANISH SKYPE LESSONS. Those who already use Skype as a means to communicate will know that it can be used very easily to create a virtual classroom.

IMPORTANT: Currently, because of family commitments, Cynthia and I are unable to take on any more Skype students, however there is good news!

We have partnered up with two lovely ladies and great teachers called Ana and Blanca. Ana is a native speaker who lives in Madrid but was actually born and lived in London until she was seven years old. She has been teaching for more than 30 years and is also working with us in our Spanish Immersion courses.

Blanca is from Pamplona and currently lives and teaches in Bristol, in the UK. Blanca has many years of teaching experience and, like Ana, has students from all over the English speaking world.

You can meet Ana here:

You can meet Blanca here:

Thanks to the Internet, your location in the world is no longer an issue. All you require is a broadband connection and the Skype program installed on your PC.

Download Skype here.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner looking for guidance, or an experienced student, wanting to take your Spanish to the next level, we can help!

How to get started?

  • We would ask you to send us an email, telling us what kind of Spanish level you have and where you want to get to.
  • We’d then introduce you to Ana who would talk with you about finding available time slot.
  • Ana will then arrange a FREE, no obligation Skype meet-up, so that she can check the connection and also have a brief chat about how best she can help you.
  • Once you’ve agreed a time, a format and a frequency of classes, you can arrange the first class and simply get started.

Ana and Blanca charge 25 Euros per hour for private Skype classes. All they ask is that the payment for each class is made 48 hours before the class begins, through PayPal. Don’t worry, it’s easy and safe and many of our students use it and are very happy with the service. If you would like to help them, please make the payments through the ‘Friends and family’ option. That way, they won’t get charged by Paypal.

You can set up a free PayPal account here.

Our part of the agreement.

  • We promise to provide every student with accurate, up to date information and learning.
  • For the students who wish to have homework, we will provide it and give feedback on the work done.
  • Give advice and structured learning tailored to each individual student.

Your part of the agreement.

  • We will always be as flexible as possible and can make adjustments to planned lessons as long as we have enough previous warning. However, any lesson that is cancelled within 24 hours of the planned date will be charged in full.

For further information on our Spanish Skype lessons or to arrange a “reunión” over Skype, please fill out the form below or write to:

Hasta muy pronto.

Gordon y Cynthia