Cynthia’s Spanish Book Club

Cynthia’s Spanish Book club – El Príncipe de la Niebla

We are really happy to be able to offer you the next fascinating read that Cynthia and gang are bringing to you. El Príncipe de la Niebla is a gripping book made all the more interesting by Cynthia and Ana’s guidance.

Come and join them both in this 16 lesson book club.

You can get the course HERE.

It costs £17.50

This is part of our Thinkific range of book courses.

Cynthia’s Spanish book Club- Brújulas que buscan sonrisas perdidas

We are thrilled to offer Cynthia’s latest book club series here:

This is a highly acclaimed fiction story written by a Spanish author: Albert Espinosa. In this series of lessons, both Cynthia and Ana guide you through the book and the grammar and story so that, by the end, you will have built a wonderful understanding of not only the story, but also the structures and style of the author.

Come and join Cynthia and Ana and really expand your knowledge and confidence in Spanish!

Sign up for the course HERE. This is a 15 lesson course and it costs £17.50.

We rate this book at Advanced Intermediate-Advanced level.

Cynthia’s Spanish Book Club El Alquimista

Following the fantastic success of Cynthia’s Spanish Book club, we are now excited to be able to offer the course to you!

This seven week course is designed to help you really get the very best out of this book along with giving you a much deeper understanding of the grammar within it.

You can choose the pace at which you go!

Cynthia’s Spanish Book Club will be certain to produce the results that you want. The book El Alquimista is superb, the guidance is second to none, and the seven week course is only £15.00. You can sign up for it now HERE.

We rate this book at Advanced Intermediate-Advanced level.

Un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia:)

Cynthia’s Spanish book club: El Principito

This is the second book that is now available in Cynthia’s Spanish book club. El Principito is a very famous book that most Spanish people have heard of, if not read.

This is a 3 week course in which Cynthia offers you overviews of the book along with insightful grammar and structure analysis of all that is interesting in the book.

If you would like to increase your reading skills and comprehension, then this is the course for you!

You can get this course at our Thinkific site for only £12.50.

Sign up HERE to get started.

We rate this book at Advanced Intermediate-Advanced level.

Un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia:)

Cynthia and Ana’s book club: La Ciudad de las Bestias

We are thrilled to be able to offer you the latest downloadable Spanish Book Club course. This time we are reading and analysing la Ciudad de las Bestias by Isabel Allende. This is a rip roaring fantasy thriller penned by one of the most famous Spanish speaking authors known to the world.

At 15.99 pounds for the entire course and documents, this is a must for any student of the Spanish language who is ready to challeng their reading and understanding skills.

Let Cynthia and Ana guide you through the book, piece by piece! Each lesson comes with handouts that guide you through the book and let you know what pages you have to cover each time!

Sign up HERE!

Un saludo,

Gordon, Cynthia y Ana:)

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