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¡Places for 2019 now available!

All courses will be available at both Beginner-Intermediate level and Intermediate-Advanced level.

8th-12th of April, 2019                         12 Places available  (Note: dates changed to avoid Easter)

13th-17th of May, 2019                           17 places available  

10th-14th of June, 2019                         20 places available

16th-20th of September, 2019            19 places available

14th-18th of October, 2019                    18 places available


Courses for 2018 are now full.

16th-20th of April, 2018                       FULL  

14th-18th of May, 2018                         FULL  

11th-15th of June, 2018                        FULL

17th-21st of September, 2018             FULL 

15th-19th of October, 2018                  FULL 


How to secure your place.

To secure your place on one of our life-changing courses all you need do is to pay a 50 euro deposit. To do that, please contact us on:

NOTE: Unless you have paid your deposit we cannot keep your place open.

Unsure about your level?

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A Spanish Immersion Course with a Differencecourse foto

Here at LightSpeed Spanish, in the heart of Spain, we are delighted to be able to offer our students the chance of a truly different Spanish Immersion Course.

But what makes it different?

There are so many different kinds of Spanish Immersion Course out there that we quickly realised that if we wanted to stand apart from the others, that we would have to offer something very different. We would have to be able to offer our students a very different and special experience. And that is exactly what we have done!

What our course offers you.

The total focus of the week that you will spend with us is that we assist you in growing your confidence level. You will very likely agree with us when we say that speaking and listening in Spanish is just about every student’s challenge. In fact, many people shy away from speaking because they simply don’t feel confident enough.

Our course will change all of that! We have designed a program that will gently help you expand your comfort zone so that by the end of the week, you will be more at ease when speaking to native speakers.

Course content

As we say in our presentation video, which you can watch here, we will be incorporating your suggestions into the week as well as other activities that are designed to stretch you and increase your confidence.  Every day will include ‘un reto’ that has to be completed with a partner, outside of the classroom, and will involve talking to people. The winners of each will receive a prize! All of the activities outside will be done in pairs (or in threes if there are odd numbers) so you won’t feel alone!

Course Timetable

Breakfast in the hotel.

Classes start at 10.00 am each day and finish at 2.00 pm. We then break for lunch which is served in the same hotel.

Lunch is the big meal of the day, so be prepared for two courses and a dessert.

The Mini-Excursion takes place at around 4.00 to 5.00pm  as we head off to see the local area.

Relax at the hotel from 6.00 pm.

Evening meal, at 8.00 pm consists of a choice of platters in a local restaurant. It is just off the main square, 2 minutes from the hotel.

Spanish Conversation from 9.30 pm-10.30 pm with native speakers. (They will be specifically coming to talk with you, our students!)

Course Tutors

We currently have three course tutors:

Gordon and Cynthia: (We hope you know us already, but if you don’t, just go to our podcasts and you soon will!)

Ana: is a local teacher, born in London and raised in Madrid. You can meet her here and here.

Cost of the course

The course cost per week is 850 Euros (800 if you are a Ser Socio member)

This includes:

20 hours of classroom activities

Daily mini-excursions Monday to Thursday

You will only pay the incidental costs such as entrance fees and transport. These will be typically 5 or 6 euros.

All meals

The course fee doesn’t include your drinks, but we will be providing all meals. If you have unusual food requirements there may be an extra charge. Talk to us.


You will have an individual room in a local hotel. There are double rooms for couples.


We are really looking forward to meeting you and having some great learning fun. (Yes, those two words can go together.) We look forward to hearing from you.


Gordon y Cynthia:)