La Ciudad de las Bestias – Spanish Book Club


Join Cynthia and Ana in their Spanish Book Club in which they read and break down the rip roaring novel by Isabel Allende called La Ciudad de las Bestias. Complete with vídeos, lecciones and resumenes que cubren de todo, you are certain to have a fun time while expanding your Spanish comprehension skills.

Join us and have fun learning Spanish!


We are thrilled to be able to offer you the latest downloadable Spanish Book Club course. This time we are reading and analysing la Ciudad de las Bestias by Isabel Allende. This is a rip roaring fantasy thriller penned by one of the most famous Spanish speaking authors known to the world.

At 15.99 pounds for the entire course and documents, this is a must for any student of the Spanish language who is ready to challeng their reading and understanding skills.

Let Cynthia and Ana guide you through the book, piece by piece! Each lesson comes with handouts that guide you through the book and let you know what pages you have to cover each time!

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The team at LightSpeed Spanish

This is the ISBN number for the book that is used on this course: 978-8497935692

Follow this link to see an interview with Isabel Allende.

Isabel Allende is a renowned Chilean-American author celebrated for her captivating storytelling and poignant narratives. Born on August 2, 1942, in Lima, Peru, and raised in Chile, Allende’s literary career has left an indelible mark on contemporary literature. She first gained international recognition with her debut novel, “The House of the Spirits” (1982), a magical realist masterpiece that artfully blends history, politics, and family drama.

Allende’s writing is characterized by her lush prose and vivid characters, often navigating complex themes of love, loss, and social justice. Her novels, including “Eva Luna,” “Paula,” and “Daughter of Fortune,” have captivated readers worldwide, earning her numerous awards and honors.

Beyond her literary achievements, Allende is also an advocate for women’s rights and social justice causes. Her memoir, “Paula,” is a deeply personal account of her daughter’s illness and untimely death, touching on themes of resilience and familial bonds.

Isabel Allende’s enduring contributions to literature and her dedication to social causes make her a beloved and influential figure in the literary world. Her storytelling continues to inspire and resonate with readers of all backgrounds.