Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 12 – The Uses of Se

In this free Spanish lesson online, we look at “se”.

Well, what can we say about “se”? If you’ve spent any time studying the Spanish language you will have noticed that it quite literally pops up all over in the Spanish language.

It has been said that SE is a little overused and, for students, it can cause a great deal of confusion looking at it in a sentence and trying to decide if it’s being used as a reflexive pronoun, an indirect object pronoun or simply one of the many other little jobs it has been given.

In this podcast we run through all the uses of this pronoun and offer you some practical examples of how you can successfully use it in conversation.

Of course, in ten minutes it isn’t so easy to go into the depth that this subject demands and so we have worked hard to include all the additional information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets that can be downloaded from our website. Esperamos que os gusten.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson