Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 8 – Impersonal Verbs

The eight of our advanced intermediate Spanish lessons is all about impersonal verbs.

As a conversation piece, these verbs are a real must for any serious student of the Spanish language.


Because, firstly, in conversation it’s so important to be able to express your opinions in a clear and concise way. Secondly, and in our opinion, far more important, it’s vital that you are able to solicit the opinion of the person you are talking with.

In any language, a good conversation is never one way. People love to be able to express their opinions and like to be asked what they think of certain issues or concepts. These Impersonal verbs are the perfect tool for you to do this eloquently.

When we start to learn Spanish, we invariably come to the part in the course when we are shown that “me gusta” means “I like it” and from then on we’re confused. “Where’s the ‘it’?” we ask ourselves. With no decent answer forthcoming, we often resort to slipping the odd “lo” into the mix, making everything even more messy!

You needn’t worry, however. We are here to help! Come and join our Podcast and learn to take your spoken Spanish beyond the usual and often incorrectly structured “Me gusta” as you hear us using a wide range of impersonal verbs that will make your conversation exquisitely scintillating!

Additional information and guidance for all of our intermediate Spanish lessons can be found in the comprehensive help-sheets. We have worked to offer you a deep insight into these verbs as well as giving you exercises to try out your new knowledge. Check them out!

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Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 9 – Driving in Spain

In this free Spanish lesson online, we have a chat about driving in Spain.

Every country has its style of driving, and none more so than Spain. Certainly in the area around the capital, Madrid, drivers tend to be quite aggressive, although not all of them.

Peeping the horn is a great past-time for them especially if you are waiting at a set of traffic lights that have just turned green and you haven’t managed to get the car into gear fast enough.

In this podcast Cynthia and Gordon share differing opinions on what it’s like to drive in Spain. No es un “domestic” pero casi. jeje. Just like all couples, they don’t always share identical opinions on things.

Maybe you’ve already had experience already of driving through Spain. What was your impression of when the Spanish get behind the wheel? As you listen to our two differing opinions why not see which one you agree with or if you think neither of us have it right.

This free Spanish lesson uses a lot of vocabulary that might be new to you and so, all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that have been designed to allow you to take the maximum benefit from these bite-size podcasts. Esperamos que os gusten.

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Beginners Spanish Podcast 8 – The Future

Being able to use the future is fabulous in conversation as well as a fundamental part of your Spanish learning.

Here in the eighth beginner Spanish lesson at LightSpeed Spanish we help you learn the basic structure of “going to go” which is the most common and certainly the most straight forward future tense that Spanish speakers have.

Once you have the future tense in Spanish, you are going to have a great Spanish level!

Much more information is, of course, available in our comprehensive Spanish help-sheets for beginners.

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Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 9 – Personal A in Spanish

In this free Spanish podcast come and join us and learn how to effectively use this mysterious “a” that you have probably seen or heard in so many Spanish sentences. The strange and yet fun thing is that despite the fact that this construction doesn’t exist in English, in Spanish, it is a must if you want to be respectful and speak accurately.

So let’s get to it and add another important skill to your Spanish repertoire.

We complement each podcast with a host of additional information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets designed specifically with you in mind.

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Advanced Spanish Podcast 9 – Spanish Cars

Whilst in Spain did you ever notice the amount of bumps and bruises that most Spanish cars have? Listen in and learn some of the reasons why they treat their cars so roughly.

Of course, all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive help-sheets.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson