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In the series on Youtube: Cynthia’s Insights, you have the opportunity to hear Cynthia from Lightspeed Spanish offering her Spanish perspective on all kinds of subjects from pronunciation to the neighbour’s dog.

Normally we see Gordon and Cynthia together as the duo we know so well from all of the free Spanish podcasts and videocasts that they have produced together.

However, in Cynthia’s Insights we get to hear first hand from Cynthia herself as she offers you her own person Spanish perspective and opinion on life as it happens around her.

These Insights are not lessons per se, but they will certainly help you understand not only the Spanish language but also the unique way that Spanish natives talk and think.

So, come and join Cynthia in her celebration of all things Spanish. To see the entire range of Insights, just click HERE.

Of course, if you want to see what we LightSpeed Spanish has to offer then all you need do is to visit or website HERE. We promise you that what we offer will help you to really create a wonderful Spanish for yourself.

The joy of being able to visit a Spanish speaking country and make yourself understood is nothing short of wonderful. Why not start today and really get your Spanish language going forward at LightSpeed.

From multiple free podcasts, to Immersion courses and some highly acclaimed books on how to really improve your Spanish, there really is something for everyone at LightSpeed Spanish.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia:)

Spanish Audio Book Perfecting the Past

We are excited to announce the release of our first Spanish audio book, Perfecting the Past in Spanish. Read by Gordon of LightSpeed Spanish, this book is just what you need to really get your Spanish singing and dancing!

Following on from the tremendous success of both the Kindle and hard copy version of this book, we have decided to produce an audio version for those of us who don’t have time to sit and study in the conventional way.

Now, you can study whilst out walking your dog, working on other projects or doing just about anything else (don’t listen whilst you drive or use heavy machinery, please).

You can download the Spanish audio book for just $11.99 HERE

Download your EXERCISES HERE.

Talking in the Past in Spanish is a challenge you can overcome!

This book has been designed and written for every passionate student of the Spanish language who currently struggles to talk in the past in Spanish. We have created some ‘simple to follow’ systems that clear up the mystery of when and how to choose each tense correctly.

Just work through the book in the order that we have present it to you and we promise you that the mists will clear and any confusion you may have had in the past, about the past, will disappear forever.

Thousands of hours.

We have only been able to produce this book thanks to the opportunity we have had to teach the Past in Spanish for many thousands of hours.  We haven’t always known the simple systems that we present you in this book. Over the years we have developed them, one by one. They have been borne of frustrations, insights, ideas from students as well as from other great teachers.

Now we believe that we have got a full range of systems that are simple to follow, easy to apply and very accurate. (We always go for the 95% accuracy level.) We can never promise 100% accuracy on anything because we are dealing with language which is an art, not a science.

That said, as we say in our book, if someone were to offer us a system that was 95% accurate, we would snap their hand off!

It’s fun, easy and non-life threatening.

Just remember as you work your way through the Perfecting the Past in Spanish, this all should be fun! This is a hobby, a past-time, if you are making it hard work and giving yourself a hard time over it, then STOP IT! (lol)

You will find our book light and easy to read and we promise never to drag you into the mire of heavy grammar and meaningless names.  Just enjoy it and start learning now!

un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia.

P.S. If you would like to see what other books we have available  just click here!