Victor’s Adventures in Spain 2 The next level LightSpeed Spanish

Victor’s Adventure’s 2 now available in your Amazon store.

We are really excited to announce the long awaited release of Victor’s Adventures 2 to the market.

The next level.

Building on the previous success of the first Victor’s Adventures in Spain book, we have now created the next level. Victor 2 will certainly help to take your Spanish to new heights. Designed to contain an ever increasing level of structured Spanish, the book guides you from an intermediate level to a very satisfactory advanced level.

Hack your Spanish.

In addition to the gripping story of the many wonderful experiences that Victor has, along with the not so wonderful, we have included practical exercises with each chapter. These exercises are specifically designed with you, the learner, in mind. Simple, jargon free and filled with handy ways to ‘hack’ the more difficult parts of Spanish grammar, each chapter will aid you in moving forward with an ever increasing level of comprehension.

Where can I get my copy?

We sell all of our books through Amazon and so, Victor’s Adventures 2 is available from all major Amazon outlets. It may take a little while for it to reach some of the other sites but it always arrives eventually. In a few weeks we will be releasing the Kindle version, too. We’ll keep you updated.