Perfecting the Past in Spanish The Perfect Book for You

Help with Perfecting the Past in Spanish.

Are you a student wanting to understand how to use the past in Spanish? book cover image

If so, we want to thank you for taking an interest in this book. We are sure that you will be very glad you did. Why? Simply because once you have worked through the straightforward systems, the easy explanations and the practical exercises found here you will be a veritable expert on the Past in Spanish.

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The book will help you to do the following with confidence:

  • Use Ser and Estar accurately
  • Choose intelligently between the Preterite and Imperfect Past
  • Know how to say WAS and WERE correctly in Spanish
  • Understand and utilise the Perfect Past tenses

…and so much more.


Talking in the Past in Spanish is a challenge you can overcome!

This book has been designed and written for every passionate student of the Spanish language who currently struggles to talk in the past in Spanish. We have created some ‘simple to follow’ systems that clear up the mystery of when and how to choose each tense correctly.

Just work through the book in the order that we have present it to you and we promise you that the mists will clear and any confusion you may have had in the past, about the past, will disappear forever.


Thousands of hours.

We have only been able to produce this book thanks to the opportunity we have had to teach the Past in Spanish for many thousands of hours.  We haven’t always known the simple systems that we present you in this book. Over the years we have developed them, one by one. They have been borne of frustrations, insights, ideas from students as well as from other great teachers.

Now we believe that we have got a full range of systems that are simple to follow, easy to apply and very accurate. (We always go for the 95% accuracy level.) We can never promise 100% accuracy on anything because we are dealing with language which is an art, not a science.

That said, as we say in our book, if someone were to offer us a system that was 95% accurate, we would snap their hand off!

It’s fun, easy and non-life threatening.

Just remember as you work your way through the Perfecting the Past in Spanish, this all should be fun! This is a hobby, a past-time, if you are making it hard work and giving yourself a hard time over it, then STOP IT! (lol)

You will find our book light and easy to read and we promise never to drag you into the mire of heavy grammar and meaningless names.  Just enjoy it and start learning now!

un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia.

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