38 Beginners Lo in Spanish and Lo Importante

hands-460872_1920Lo in Spanish.

So, just what is Lo in Spanish and what does it mean? Well, to answer the first question, LO is what we call an indirect pronoun.

What that means is that it is a shortened version of certain Spanish words and we use it to speed up our spoken and written language.

What it means. (Most of the time.)

What Lo in Spanish means is the following: Him/It.

Some examples of this would be:

Lo conocí en Berlín. = I met him in Berlin.

¿Lo has visto? = Have you seen it?

So, the job of LO in Spanish in these examples is to avoid having to write or say the full name of the thing or person.

But wait, that’s not all.

But what is going on with sentences like, ‘Lo importante’ or ‘Lo interesante’?

Well, in these cases, for us as English speakers we need to think about Lo in Spanish as meaning ‘THING’.

Lo importante es que estemos allí para las diez.’ = The importante thing is that we are there for ten.

Lo interesante de su discurso era la información sobre la compañía.’= The interesting thing about his talk was the information about the company.

So, as you can see, when we place the ‘Lo in Spanish’ before an adjective, it becomes ‘the thing’. Once you understand that, many of the confusions simply fade away.

Lo in Spanish is used in other situations, too, all of which we will be covering either in the podcast here or in the Helpsheets that always complement our coaching podcasts.

Clearly, we aim to give the viewer as much information in the ten minute classes as we possibly can. However, there is always more to cover. We do that in our Helpsheets which this time around will be crammed with practical exercises so that you get it ‘right first time’ every time you use Lo in Spanish.

Other uses of Lo in Spanish.

If you want to look further into the use of LO in Spanish then you can check out how the phrases are used such as:


Lo de…

Lo que…

Lo nuestro…


In the forthcoming helpsheets (we haven’t got them finished yet, but estamos en ello) we will also be covering these expressions and so much more.

So now, enjoy the podcast and we hope that you get great benefit from it.


Como siempre, os mandamos un saludo muy grande.


Gordon y Cynthia:)

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