Finally, the Present and Past Subjunctive Spanish Made Easy (Easier at least!)

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LightSpeed Spanish is very proud to release their latest book on the Present and Imperfect Subjunctive Spanish. This book quite easily stands out from the  market because of its very key features:

1, It contains simple, easy to understand language that provides an complete understanding of HOW and WHEN to use the Subjunctive Spanish.

2, It uses an easy to follow, never before seen system designed to walk you through what many see as a difficult subject in an easy, step by step process.

3, It  helps you to create over 600 separate sentences in a process that will give you the confidence to begin to use the Subjunctive Spanish structures in conversation in a competent and accurate way.

4, It is filled with extra tips and invaluable advice on how to better move your Spanish forward.

This book was born out of the many years that Gordon and Cynthia of have  spent teaching students of all levels to improve their Spanish.

“All I could see, hear and feel was massive sense of frustration, confusion and fear when it came to the Spanish subjunctive.” says, Gordon. ” Over the years we have been able to develop some great ways of helping our students to understand what is often seen as a terribly difficult concept.”

Cynthia, Gordon’s wife and co-founder of LightsSpeed Spanish has this to say on their new book: ” After the success of our Subjunctive Spanish series of videos in Youtube we knew that there was a real need and interest in the market for a new way to look at the subjunctive.  We believe that we have created just that with our new book: Demystifying the Spanish Subjunctive. (Feel the fear and subjunctive anyway.)”

What should you do now?

If you don’t feel that you are ready to face the Subjunctive Spanish challenge just yet, then don’t worry, our book will be here for you when that moment comes (this sentence would be a subjunctive Spanish sentence…).

If you feel that time is ticking away and you should be looking at getting to grips with the Spanish Subjunctive, then our book is there for you!

Available from most online bookstores , principally from Amazon, in paperback and  soon to be available on Kindle.

 The promise we make.

We make the promise that by the time you have worked through our book you will look at the Subjunctive in Spanish with completely new eyes. You will have captured the most important part of the subjunctive which is the melody of the language and you will have grasped the mechanics of how it’s created and used in the real world


We hope that you enjoy using our book as much as we have had fun in making it for you.


saludos desde España,

Gordon y Cynthia