Advanced Spanish Podcast 20 – Spanish Weddings

For many years now, Spanish weddings have been a spectacular event that takes months to prepare. No expense is spared to provide the guests with luxurious settings, gourmet food and an endless flow of wines and spirits.

The entire experience has become an industry in itself and only the bride’s “traje de boda” can cost what entire wedding might have cost twenty years ago. For a young couple just starting out in the world, putting on a celebration of this “tamaño” is no small feat and would normally be far out of the reaches of many.

So how do they manage it? “Bueno, ¡con mucha ayuda!” They get help!

Listen in to this free online Spanish lesson as we discuss what happens in a typical Spanish wedding and discover how they manage to cover those enormous costs. Perhaps you’ll agree with Cynthia and my opinion on these lavish weddings, or “tal vez” you’ll think we are way out of line. Share your opinion in the comments!

Just so you’re aware, a full transcript and translation of this episode about Spanish weddings, and, in fact, every episode, is waiting for you in our comprehensive Spanish helpsheets, which contain loads of additional information. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them.

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