Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 19 – Difference between Saber and Conocer

Do you know the difference between saber and conocer? Maybe you think you know these verbs already, however, like many areas of learning in the Spanish language, there are layers within layers of meaning for these two words.

Did you know that the verb saber can be used reflexively giving it another meaning?

Did you know that conocer doesn’t just apply to “knowing people and places”?

This is a wonderful, though admittedly often frustrating, part of learning a language. Many text books just cannot, or will not, delve into these more subtle areas of the Spanish language. But they’re there and we’re going to show them to you.

Listen in as we examine some of the more interesting meanings that you typically won’t find in the study books and help you use these two verbs, not only in their conventional sense, but also in the way only native speakers do. ¿Qué os parece?

The entire podcast is transcribed and translated to give you a full understanding of what we say. What is more, all the additional information and guidance can be found in our Spanish helpsheets that offer you practical examples and fun tests to check your understanding. Try our free samples to check their value for money.

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