Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 18 – How to Use Ya in Spanish

¡Hola! In this free Spanish podcast episode, we’re going to explain exactly how to use ya in Spanish.

Despite being such a small word, just two lonely letters, it is probably one of the most flexible and diverse of them all.

When we compare the uses of ya in Spanish, we find a lot of similarities to the American usage of “already”. And, “already” is exactly the translation the dictionary would give you for this word. But ya is more complicated than that and it has nuances that aren’t always immediately apparent.

In this episode we run through the range of different ways that you can use this surprisingly flexible word and give you some practical examples of how you can put them into conversation.

Listen in as Cynthia and Gordon unwrap the many uses and meanings of ya. “Ya sabes que es importante.”

As always, the a full translation and transcription as well as all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish helpsheets, which have been created with you, nuestros estudiantes, in mind. With these resources, you’ll learn how to use ya in Spanish in no time at all.

Seguro que os van a gustar.

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