Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 17 – How to Use Para in Spanish

This most recent Advanced Intermediate podcast is all about how to use para in Spanish.

Along with its partner in crime, por, para is one of the mysteries of the Spanish language that we will help you unravel. It seems that no matter how long people study the language, they still have problems choosing between the two.

Like everything, the more you use it, the easier it becomes, however, we have some tips that will help you use Para more effectively and “más importante”, more accurately.

One tip that is worth keeping in mind is that, para tends to be used far more frequently at the beginning of your learning journey. Most times, when students get it wrong, it’s because they’ve used por instead of para.

Thus, the tip is: If in doubt, use para. You have more chance of being correct!

Why not come and join us in this podcast and learn when to use para as well as a quick and easy trick to help you get it right most of the time.

Listen in and become demystified!

A wealth of additional information and guidance on how to use para in Spanish can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that we have produced specifically with you, our students, in mind.

Esperamos que os sirven.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson