Advanced Spanish Podcast 15 – Mercedes y Tecnología

Mercedes, Cynthia’s mum, gives a great interview with Gordon in this advanced Spanish podcast, in which she talks clearly about the youth in Spain and the challenges and opportunities they have before them. At the time of the interview Spain was just starting to feel the effects of “la crisis” that has since overtaken the Spanish economy in such an aggressive and shocking way.

What is really interesting about one aspect of the Spanish culture is their respect for young people. Given that it was only 40 years ago that the country was still in under the control of Franco’s regime, many of today’s parents can remember only too well the hunger and shortages that the entire country suffered.

Much of them have almost made the decision that their own children were not going to have to suffer in that same way. Thus, as you listen to Mercedes, why not see if you can get the sense of this in how she describes the youth of today.

Toward the end of the podcast we talk about “la tecnología moderna” and Mercedes tells us how it has affected her life and the things she uses on a daily basis. See if you can spot them!

As always, we offer a full transcript and translation of this advanced Spanish podcast in our comprehensive Spanish helpsheets, which have been developed with you, the Spanish language learner, in mind.