Advanced Spanish Podcast 14 – Doblajes y Subtitulos

In this advanced Spanish podcast, we’re going to talk about movies in the Spanish language.

The Spanish cinema has a very different attitude toward films.

Do you know that virtually all the films shown in Spain are overdubbed or “dobladas” and rarely are the subtitled or “subtituladas”.

Every actor and actress has their own specific voice over person that follows their entire career. Imagine those lucky enough to have been given the job of overdubbing famous actors like Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger! ¡Un trabajo de por vida! Sometimes, the actor that overdubs the voice of a Hollywood star dies and they have to give them a new voice, much to the disappointment and sadness of the Spanish nation.

In this newest episode you can discover Cynthia’s reaction upon hearing the real voices of the all the famous actors that, as far as she was concerned, had Spanish voices. We also mention the kind of films that we like to watch together and our opinion of subtitled films.

As ever, we have a full transcript and translation of this advanced Spanish podcast in our comprehensive Spanish helpsheets, which help you get the most out of every episode of LightSpeed Spanish.

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