Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 13 – Tips for Learning Spanish

In this episode of the podcast, we offer you the listeners some incredibly useful tips for learning Spanish.

If you have been learning the language for any length of time, you will have realised that there is so much more involved in becoming fluent than many people realise. In fact, many of the people who begin learning Spanish have the naive idea that within a handful of months they will have it totally “dominado”.

What makes matters worse is that the internet is filled with incredible claims of becoming “fluent in a weekend”, or they tell you that to be fluent you just need to learn 500 words. All of these promises rarely deliver and often leave you feeling inadequate and “not as good” as the others who became fluent in 48 hours.

We suggest that the word “fluent” is totally subjective and that learning to be “fluently crap” in Spanish is useful to “nadie”.

Take it from us, although there are ways of speeding up your learning, anyone who tells you that in a matter of hours you can learn to speak like a native any language is “mintiendo descaradamente.”

Listen in to this podcast as we offer you some genuine ‘consejos’ that will really speed up your learning. The fact is, if you really want to speak Spanish well there are some things that you just have to do!

Of course, all the additional information, guidance, and tips for learning Spanish can be found in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets that we have here on the site.

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