Advanced Free Spanish Audio Lesson 11 – Las Dietas

In this free Spanish audio lesson, we discuss diets and their effectiveness.

Cynthia and I have very strong views on this subject, which, we must state, are purely our own opinions. “Es posible” that you think something completely different from what we say. This, however, is the purpose of this podcast. As an accomplished student of the Spanish language you must be able to state your opinion on matters and argue your case.

As you listen to us talk, try and formulate what you might say if you were talking with us. Would you be “de acuerdo con” or perhaps “en contra de” what we have to say about the fad diets that we are being sold day after day? Is it fair that they promise us the body of a Greek God when in fact we often end up looking more like a Greek urn? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

We have translated and transcribed this free Spanish audio lesson, and every podcast that we make, and make these materials available in our comprehensive Spanish worksheets. We even have some “try before you buy” helpsheets so you can be sure they are an invaluable resource. We’re positive that they will bring your learning to the next level. Give them a try!

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson