Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 10 – Spanish Villages

Have you ever visited a small, sleepy Spanish village? Despite the fact that Spain is fast becoming a modern country, it is still possible to find many small villages throughout the whole of Spain that are pretty much what you might expect from the typical “aldea española”.

In this free Spanish podcast we discuss the typical delights that can often be found in a traditional Spanish village. Certainly, if you want to find people to talk to in Spanish, this is the place to go particularly if you go in the late evening when everyone is outside, sitting in their doorways enjoying the cool of the night.

In this episode Cynthia and Gordon discuss the village close to the family’s “chalet” in the mountains of Guadalajara in Spain. Just like every Spanish village, it has two typical things. Can you guess what they might be? Listen in as we talk about what they are as well as many of the other interesting features of life in a Spanish village.

Each free Spanish podcast is transcribed and translated and all this additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive help-sheets that have been developed specifically with our students in mind. We hope you enjoy them!

Video for This Spanish Lesson

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