Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 9 – Driving in Spain

In this free Spanish lesson online, we have a chat about driving in Spain.

Every country has its style of driving, and none more so than Spain. Certainly in the area around the capital, Madrid, drivers tend to be quite aggressive, although not all of them.

Peeping the horn is a great past-time for them especially if you are waiting at a set of traffic lights that have just turned green and you haven’t managed to get the car into gear fast enough.

In this podcast Cynthia and Gordon share differing opinions on what it’s like to drive in Spain. No es un “domestic” pero casi. jeje. Just like all couples, they don’t always share identical opinions on things.

Maybe you’ve already had experience already of driving through Spain. What was your impression of when the Spanish get behind the wheel? As you listen to our two differing opinions why not see which one you agree with or if you think neither of us have it right.

This free Spanish lesson uses a lot of vocabulary that might be new to you and so, all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that have been designed to allow you to take the maximum benefit from these bite-size podcasts. Esperamos que os gusten.

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