Advanced Podcast 8 – Spanish Listening Practice: Interview with Leticia

For someone learning the language, there’s no replacing Spanish listening practice. Listening to native speakers is a fundamental part of the learning process.

Here, Leti, Cynthia’s cousin, describes some of the strange things she’s been required to do during her time as a veterinary assistant. Leti, or Leticia, loves animals and really enjoys working with them. However, she has one small problem. At the first sight of blood, she faints!

This certainly hasn’t put her off and although she has problems with blood, she certainly has had to do some very unusual things whilst working in the surgery. Listen as she tells the tale of the owner who wanted to mate his two dogs and what had to be done to try and make that happen.

Warning: Leti speaks quickly and so you may find understanding all of this podcast a challenge. What is more, Leti “no tiene pelos en la lengua” (She pulls no punches) when describing some of the procedures she’s been involved with. This is not for the faint hearted!

If you have issues understanding Leti, then a full transcription and translation is available at as well as a wealth of additional information and guidance which can be found in the comprehensive help-sheets created for you, our students.