Advanced Intermediate Spanish Lesson 7 – Mascotas

This intermediate Spanish lesson is all about “mascotas”, or, in English, pets. We all love our pets and none more so than the Spanish. Because many Spanish people live in “pisos” or what we call apartments or flats, they tend to limit themselves to small dogs and so, at any time of the day you can see many Spanish people “paseando a su perrito en la calle”.

En los “chalets” (villas) however, in the countryside, it’s much more common to have large dogs that have the responsibility of guarding the house from “los ladrones”.

In this podcast, we talk about a range of pets that we’ve had in the past. Although Gordon hasn’t had a great deal of pets in the past, it’s vital that you listen into the incredible list of animals that have shared a house with Cynthia. Come and join us as she gives some surprising insights into the range of pets that she has taken in. ¡Su madre tiene que ser una santa!

All the additional information and guidance can be found, as it always can be, in the comprehensive help-sheets that have been designed to give you the listener a deeper learning in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

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