Advanced Free Spanish Audio Lesson 6 – La Familia Española

In this free Spanish audio lesson, we discuss la familia española, the Spanish family.

Every culture has its own personality and way of being and none more so than the Spanish from mainland Spain. For them, family is still very important, (thank goodness for that) and day to day life resonates with the sounds of the names of everyone in their extended family group.

For the most part, everyone must have their title, which serves as the identification of who they are within the group. In a typical family you will hear “los abuelos”, “los primos”, “mi cuñando”, “mi suegro”, bandied liberally around every day of the week.

Listen in as Gordon tells the tale of the title he was given when he first became part of the Cynthia’s family. Having a name like Gordon in Spain is not without its difficulties…

We have transcribed and then translated every word in this free Spanish audio lesson, along with every other audio in the series so that you can listen along and help your mind begin to link sounds with words. In addition to that we have added a wealth of information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets designed with you in mind.

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