Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 5 – Commands in Spanish

Commands in Spanish — otherwise known as the imperative tense — are one of the most important aspects of the Spanish language. No matter where you are you will be faced with someone telling you what they want you to do in Spanish.

Don’t be shocked! They mean no offence. ☺

The truth is that the imperative is used constantly amongst Spanish speakers as they order each other around in a maelstrom of commands like: Listen! Eat up! Come here! Shut up! Sit! Go away! Look!, along with so many more other ways they have of telling people what to do.

Whatever happens in your learning journey, you absolutely must be able to use this tense correctly as well as understand all the nuances that it carries with it.

Listen in to us as we talk you through how to use commands in Spanish conversation. The truth is, if you want to sound like a true Spanish speaker, you must use them!

Así que…

¡Escucha y aprende!

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