Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 4 – The Future

In this free Spanish podcast, we discuss talking about the future in the Spanish language.

There’s a strange phenomenon that often occurs when students of Spanish first learn what is called the Future Indicative (I will…). Suddenly, they begin to use it constantly, whenever they are talking about anything beyond the now!

The surprising thing is that, although the future indicative has a place in spoken Spanish, it really isn’t the most common way of talking about the future. In fact, would you believe that there are much more simple ways to do that, without having to wade your way through those complicated constructions?

What’s more, did you know that there were three futures in the Spanish language? If you didn’t, then you really need to listen in as we help you learn the way that real Spanish people use these three futures and which one is actually the most believable. You’ll be surprised!

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

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