Advanced Spanish Podcast 3 – Comida y Cultura Pt. 2

This is the second advanced Spanish podcast on the subject of food in Spain. We have had to split the topic into two because it’s such a massive area about which to talk. And don’t think for a moment that we are dragging things out! The fact of the matter is that any true Spaniard would be able to fill a dozen videos with information on the rich choice of food that exists in Spain.

Unlike other cultures that might be less enthusiastic about their cuisine, the Spanish simply ooze with pride whenever they get the opportunity (something which comes around frequently) to wax eloquent about the vast array of dishes they enjoy.

Without any encouragement, they’ll talk you through the processes, the preparation and the joy found in the tasting of any of their foods. As a listener, you have one job and one job only… and that is to listen enthusiastically, ask questions at appropriate intervals and never, but never, make a joke about what they say.

The Spanish take their food far too seriously to ever talk lightly about it and as a foreigner, they know that you will never experience better food than theirs. So, be warned!

Every podcast is transcribed and translated and all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that have been designed and developed with you, as our student, in mind. Esperamos que te gusten.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

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