Welcome to LightSpeed Spanish

Both Cynthia and myself (Gordon) would like to welcome you to our site designed specifically to assist you in learning Spanish faster than ever.
We’ve been teaching Spanish for many years now and have learnt the hard way about what works and what doesn’t.
Throughout the years we’ve helped many students start from zero and attain levels of fluidity in Spanish that both they and we could be proud of.
There are many different ways of achieving a great level and we don’t claim to know them all, however, we have discovered the vital Do’s and Don’ts that, if you follow them, will take your Spanish forward at LightSpeed.
Once you’ve had a chance to consider our advice, you can then move on to test your level in our fun quiz. No matter what your level is, trust that it’s perfect just as it is. We are sure to have the right level for you to start with in our range of Free Podcasts.
We wish you every success in what is sure to be one of the most interesting journeys of your life!
Saludos de Gordon y Cynthia

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