372 Lesson Pets & Spanish Pronunciation in Spanish

In this lesson, we are going to talk about Pets & Spanish Pronunciation in Spanish. Firstly, let’s talk about the pets (Mascotas in Spanish). Do you have a pet? Secondly, we will teach you about thirty Spanish words and their pronunciation in Spanish. Come and join us for fun and learn more about Pets &... Read more »
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293 Chalk and Talk The Spanish D, Tener porqué, Pensar de

In this lesson, we help you to understand the Spanish D and it’s pronunciation. We also look at the way that we use DE with Pensar and the meaning of tener porqué. Come and join Gordon for a fast and interesting lesson that will help you get your Spanish D sorted. Un saludo, Gordon y... Read more »
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53 Beginners Test your Spanish Pronunciation A1-A2

In this 2 part lesson we help you test your Spanish Pronunciation in this fun quiz.

Pronunciation is so very important and is often overlooked by many students. Don’t make that mistake!

Come and test your Spanish pronunciation with us and have a laugh at the same time.

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

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261 Chalk and Talk Pronouncing Vosotros well

In this lesson we help you with pronouncing Vosotros well. It’s a real challenge for us as students, but it doesn’t need to be. We also cover the difference between sé and lo sé as well as the verbs convenir and disponer. Come and join us and get help with pronouncing vosotros correctly! Un saludo,... Read more »
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