Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 6 – Listening Practice in Spanish

Listening practice in Spanish is a key part of learning the language. Listening to children talk in Spanish is no easy feat. What is interesting, however, is the way Ulises, (el hijo del primo del padre de Cynthia jeje) talks us through his daily routines in a very matter of fact way.

In this interview with Ulises, you get a chance to hear the kind of subjects that he enjoys, and the ones he doesn’t like, too. He guides us through his favourite foods, hobbies and some of his action heroes that even caused Cynthia problems to decipher.

We also get an insight into his meals, particularly what he has for his “merienda” the typical snack that children have once they come out of school in the mid afternoon.

Listen in and see if you can identify all of the subjects he studies. ¡Es tu desafío!

When he made this podcast, Ulises was a charming 8 year old boy. Now he’s just as charming but a few years older.

For those interested in learning at a deeper level, you can find all the additional information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets along with the full transcription and translation of the entire podcast. ¡Buena suerte!.

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Free Spanish Audio Lesson 6 – La Familia Española

In this free Spanish audio lesson, we discuss la familia española, the Spanish family.

Every culture has its own personality and way of being and none more so than the Spanish from mainland Spain. For them, family is still very important, (thank goodness for that) and day to day life resonates with the sounds of the names of everyone in their extended family group.

For the most part, everyone must have their title, which serves as the identification of who they are within the group. In a typical family you will hear “los abuelos”, “los primos”, “mi cuñando”, “mi suegro”, bandied liberally around every day of the week.

Listen in as Gordon tells the tale of the title he was given when he first became part of the Cynthia’s family. Having a name like Gordon in Spain is not without its difficulties…

We have transcribed and then translated every word in this free Spanish audio lesson, along with every other audio in the series so that you can listen along and help your mind begin to link sounds with words. In addition to that we have added a wealth of information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets designed with you in mind.

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Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 6 – Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

Spanish reflexive verbs can be confusing if you don’t understand them clearly. It must be said, however, that they make up an enormous part of spoken, written and well, every, part of the Spanish language. So, best to face them head on, right?

Here in the sixth of our intermediate Spanish lessons, we guide you through the important process of learning reflexive verbs in Spanish, or, as you’ll see, the verbs with the “arse” on the end! Lol.

So, let’s get to it and add another important piece to your foundation in the Spanish language.

Of course, all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets.

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Beginners Spanish Podcast 5 – Conjugating Spanish Verbs

No matter what some people tell you, if you really want to speak Spanish correctly and be understood well then you must “dominar” the verb conjugation. This just means that you must know how to take a verb like, “to eat” and break it down into the separate people, like “I eat, you eat, she eats” etc.

In this free Spanish podcast we’ll show you how to learn our simple, easy to remember and super speedy method of breaking down conjugating Spanish verbs. In ten minutes we can help you save you months of blood, sweat and tears learning Spanish verb conjugation the hard way.

As always, all the additional information and guidance can be found in our comprehensive Spanish help-sheets.

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Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 5 – Commands in Spanish

Commands in Spanish — otherwise known as the imperative tense — are one of the most important aspects of the Spanish language. No matter where you are you will be faced with someone telling you what they want you to do in Spanish.

Don’t be shocked! They mean no offence. ☺

The truth is that the imperative is used constantly amongst Spanish speakers as they order each other around in a maelstrom of commands like: Listen! Eat up! Come here! Shut up! Sit! Go away! Look!, along with so many more other ways they have of telling people what to do.

Whatever happens in your learning journey, you absolutely must be able to use this tense correctly as well as understand all the nuances that it carries with it.

Listen in to us as we talk you through how to use commands in Spanish conversation. The truth is, if you want to sound like a true Spanish speaker, you must use them!

Así que…

¡Escucha y aprende!

For clear, concise additional information and guidance, take a look at our comprehensive Spanish help-sheets. You can find a free sample of them on our website. They’ve been specifically designed around the podcasts to provide you with a wealth of additional information and learning.

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