Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 17 – How to Use Para in Spanish

This most recent Advanced Intermediate podcast is all about how to use para in Spanish.

Along with its partner in crime, por, para is one of the mysteries of the Spanish language that we will help you unravel. It seems that no matter how long people study the language, they still have problems choosing between the two.

Like everything, the more you use it, the easier it becomes, however, we have some tips that will help you use Para more effectively and “más importante”, more accurately.

One tip that is worth keeping in mind is that, para tends to be used far more frequently at the beginning of your learning journey. Most times, when students get it wrong, it’s because they’ve used por instead of para.

Thus, the tip is: If in doubt, use para. You have more chance of being correct!

Why not come and join us in this podcast and learn when to use para as well as a quick and easy trick to help you get it right most of the time.

Listen in and become demystified!

A wealth of additional information and guidance on how to use para in Spanish can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that we have produced specifically with you, our students, in mind.

Esperamos que os sirven.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Free Spanish Lesson 16 – Momentos Graciosos con La Familia

This free Spanish lesson — all of our Spanish lessons are free, by the by — was great fun to make. “¡Fue super divertido!” In it we talk about the funny moments that have happened to us over the past few years. Cynthia gets very carried away with the whole story telling experience and watch out for the way I (Gordon) have to keep telling to calm down so the listeners can actually hear what’s being said!

Watch out for the fun story of our trip to the woods and Daniel’s (my son) shoes. Then, listen in as Cynthia tells the very “embarazosa” story of what happened to poor Daniel once again!

Although this podcast will be very entertaining to listen to, the other side of it is that with each “historia”, you are learning the skill of telling a tale in Spanish. The real test of your level is whether you can tell a story and get a reaction (rather than watching your audience fall asleep before your eyes! Jeje).

Personally, I (Gordon) had to endure many years of that as I struggled to recount in Spanish the things that had happened to me. Now, it’s a little easier, but I could never say it was a piece of cake. It takes lots of practice! Thinking about it, however, I fall asleep sometimes when an English person tells me a story in their own language!

A full transcript and translation of this free Spanish lesson is available, as ever, in our comprehensive Spanish helpsheets, which have been developed to help you learn the most from each episode.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 11 – Spanish Conversation Practice

So far in our Spanish podcasts we’ve covered a wide range of vital areas of grammar and vocabulary. It’s time to do a bit of Spanish conversation practice. Don’t worry, we keep the pace just right for you. We recommend that you listen three or four times. There’s no hurry and the more you listen, the more you hear.

Listen in as we pull together all of the previous podcasts into a conversation. ¡Escucha!

Of course, if you are finding it difficult to understand everything, then all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets.

Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Beginners Spanish Podcast 15 – Weather Vocabulary in Spanish

Although the weather isn’t quite as important a subject for some as it is for others, this is an absolute must for any Spanish student.

Come and join us as we help you learn how to describe every kind of weather from freezing cold to baking hot!

Of course, all the additional information for this beginners Spanish lesson can be found in our Spanish help-sheets, which have been designed with the learner in mind.

You’re sure to love them!

Video of This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 16 – Elena Los Jovenes

In this free Spanish podcast, we interview with Elena Durán (la hermana de Cynthia) we discover an interesting perspective on life as a young person in Spain. Like in every culture, the Spanish youth have a certain lifestyle that they enjoy as well as things that are important to them.

Given the current economic climate in Spain, it’s very common for young people to live at home with their parents until they leave to get married. This is because the cost of living and renting “un apartamento” alone is generally prohibitive.

Another interesting difference about the youth who choose to study in university is that, unlike here in the UK, they study locally and live with their parents. It’s fairly uncommon for them to move away from home to study their “carrera”.

The up side is that the cost of getting your degree in Spain is far less than in other countries in which the young people live in halls of residence and suchlike. The downside, however, is that many children find themselves living with their parents into their thirties!

The full transcription and translation of this free Spanish podcast can be found in our Spanish worksheets as well as an analysis of the expressions used throughout the conversation. ¡Seguro que os va a gustar!