Beginners Spanish Podcast 12 – Spanish Word Order

Are you confused about Spanish sentence construction and Spanish word order? You don’t need to be.

So many students think it’s more complicated than it is. There are actually only a couple of important things to learn.

Join us in this beginner Spanish lesson as we help take the confusion out of sentence construction and help you make basic, but all important, sentences in the same way a Spanish speaker would.

Learn more with our Spanish help-sheets, which dive even deeper into the topic.

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Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 13 – Tips for Learning Spanish

In this episode of the podcast, we offer you the listeners some incredibly useful tips for learning Spanish.

If you have been learning the language for any length of time, you will have realised that there is so much more involved in becoming fluent than many people realise. In fact, many of the people who begin learning Spanish have the naive idea that within a handful of months they will have it totally “dominado”.

What makes matters worse is that the internet is filled with incredible claims of becoming “fluent in a weekend”, or they tell you that to be fluent you just need to learn 500 words. All of these promises rarely deliver and often leave you feeling inadequate and “not as good” as the others who became fluent in 48 hours.

We suggest that the word “fluent” is totally subjective and that learning to be “fluently crap” in Spanish is useful to “nadie”.

Take it from us, although there are ways of speeding up your learning, anyone who tells you that in a matter of hours you can learn to speak like a native any language is “mintiendo descaradamente.”

Listen in to this podcast as we offer you some genuine ‘consejos’ that will really speed up your learning. The fact is, if you really want to speak Spanish well there are some things that you just have to do!

Of course, all the additional information, guidance, and tips for learning Spanish can be found in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets that we have here on the site.

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Advanced Free Spanish Podcast 12 – Medicina Alternativa

This free Spanish podcast has everything to do with alternative medicine.

In today’s modern world, medicine has moved forward at a tremendous speed and surgeons have the skills to perform breathtaking and lifesaving operations never before seen. Y eso nos encanta.

However, alternative medicine, and the benefits of using this kind of treatment, has been making a comeback, although it is not without its critics.

Once again, Cynthia and I have very strong views on this subject and perhaps we could be classed as being outside of mainstream thought. But that’s what life is all about. Differing opinions.

¿Qué opinas tú? Is modern medicine something you would use or have used? If the need arose, would you put your trust in it?

Listen in as we share our very personal opinions on alternative medicine and its usefulness. If you were sitting with us, what would you say? What could you add to the conversation? Tell us in the comments section.

In our comprehensive help-sheets, we have translated and transcribed this advanced free Spanish podcast and we’ve included lots more helpful bits of information. We even have some “try before you buy” helpsheets so you can be sure they are good value for the money.

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Beginners Spanish Podcast 11 – Saber & Conocer

Two different verbs to say the same word. How confusing!

Don’t worry, in this beginner Spanish lesson we explain how these two similar yet very different verbs work. Listen in and learn how knowing things, people and places are dealt with in the Spanish language.

Here we help you understand which one of these verbs you would use when you know “someone” or when you know “stuff”!

For more on the difference between saber and conocer, have a look at our Spanish help-sheets.

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Advanced Intermediate Spanish Podcast 12 – The Uses of Se

In this free Spanish lesson online, we look at “se”.

Well, what can we say about “se”? If you’ve spent any time studying the Spanish language you will have noticed that it quite literally pops up all over in the Spanish language.

It has been said that SE is a little overused and, for students, it can cause a great deal of confusion looking at it in a sentence and trying to decide if it’s being used as a reflexive pronoun, an indirect object pronoun or simply one of the many other little jobs it has been given.

In this podcast we run through all the uses of this pronoun and offer you some practical examples of how you can successfully use it in conversation.

Of course, in ten minutes it isn’t so easy to go into the depth that this subject demands and so we have worked hard to include all the additional information and guidance in the comprehensive Spanish worksheets that can be downloaded from our website. Esperamos que os gusten.

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