Advanced Spanish Podcast 5 – El Laberinto del Fauno

In this advanced Spanish podcast we review the film, El Laberinto del Fauno or Pan’s Labyrinth by the director, Guillermo del Toro.

We aren’t film critics but we were inspired to talk about this particular film because of the fact it’s based in Spain during the Spanish civil war when Franco’s men ruled the country with an iron fist of brutality and fear and were constantly in battle with the rebels.

Despite the film’s harsh brutality and shocking reality of life during Franco’s regime, (be careful with the scene with the two poachers), it has a fantastical, yet dark side to it which contrasts what happens in the real world.

The main “protaganista” of the film is a young girl who is taken by her pregnant mum into the countryside to live on an army camp with her new husband and captain of the army.

The captain is a terrible “déspota” and treats everyone around him with cruelty and disdain including his pregnant wife.

Like all good films, everything ends well (or does it?) and it gives you a great opportunity to learn about the terrible days of Franco’s regime in Spain as well as listening to authentic Spanish.

This entire advanced Spanish podcast has been transcribed and translated for you all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets that we have produced for each podcast we make to help you gain the maximum from these lessons.

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Early Intermediate Spanish Podcast 5 – Buying Goods

Shopping in markets and small shops can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Spanish speaking countries. This is something you really must try for yourself. However, to really get the most out of it you need some key words and expressions and that’s where our free Spanish lessons online come in.

Here we assist you in learning the key Spanish vocabulary for most situations while you’re shopping. ¡Venga!

Get the freshest food, the best bargains, and sound authentic while you do!

For even more detailed information and help get the our ever-helpful Spanish worksheets.

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Beginners Spanish Podcast 4 – Names and Introductions

In this beginner Spanish lesson we firstly help you introduce yourself by correctly offering your name and then we show you how to ask someone for their name and introduce a friend.

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner students make is introducing themselves incorrectly. You’ll find out that, normally, Spanish speakers don’t say “My name is..” but rather: “I call myself…”.

First impressions are everything and so knowing how to greet people correctly, like a true Spanish speaker, makes all the difference.

Of course, all the additional information and guidance can be found in the comprehensive Spanish help-sheets.

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Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Intermediate Free Spanish Podcast 4 – The Future

In this free Spanish podcast, we discuss talking about the future in the Spanish language.

There’s a strange phenomenon that often occurs when students of Spanish first learn what is called the Future Indicative (I will…). Suddenly, they begin to use it constantly, whenever they are talking about anything beyond the now!

The surprising thing is that, although the future indicative has a place in spoken Spanish, it really isn’t the most common way of talking about the future. In fact, would you believe that there are much more simple ways to do that, without having to wade your way through those complicated constructions?

What’s more, did you know that there were three futures in the Spanish language? If you didn’t, then you really need to listen in as we help you learn the way that real Spanish people use these three futures and which one is actually the most believable. You’ll be surprised!

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Video for This Spanish Lesson

Audio for This Spanish Lesson

Advanced Podcast 4 – Listening Practice in Spanish: Interview with Quique

In this podcast, we do a bit of listening practice in Spanish as we interview Quique Lorenzo, a full time footballer who currently plays for a team in Madrid. Quique has an interesting accent given that he is from Almería but has lived for many years in Cataluña.

Gordon does the interview with Quique which is a little ironic given that he knows absolutely nothing about football and has limited vocabulary on the subject. Se nota!

One of the interesting sides to the interview is the fact that Quique’s accent isn’t what you will usually hear on the podcasts from LightSpeed Spanish which tend to be centred around the Madrid area. Therefore, this is your challenge, to see if you are still able to capture what is being said.

Quique has since brought his football career to an end because of the crisis in Spain which was causing him to have to move around the country to find work. Perhaps you will be able to note a certain frustration when he talks of the instability of his work.

So listen in and test out your listening skills with a new voice and a different accent!

We have translated and transcribed every podcast so that you can follow along perfectly with everything that is said and in addition, help and guidance on the expressions used as well as other important grammar points can be found in our helpsheets. We even have some free, “try before you buy” helpsheets. ¡Así que, buena suerte con tus estudios!