Week 2 Cynthia’s Book Club The Alquimista

To get access to the additional audio materials for Victor’s Adventures in Spain, you’ll need to enter a password on this page.

You can find the password on page 183 of your copy of Victor’s Adventures…

It’s the very first word that appears at the top of the page. (It’s in BOLD.)

Be sure to write it just as you see it on the page. (ONLY THE FIRST LETTER IS A CAPITAL. THE REST ARE SMALL CASE.)

(You don’t need to add the colon, just the word.)

If you have any problems downloading, please contact us directly through the webpage and we’ll do our best to help you as quickly as possible.

If you have the KINDLE version you will find the password this way:

1, Go to chapter 31 False Friends.
2, Find the false friend word Pretender
3, The next example of a false friend word is the password.
4, Just to be absolutely clear, the password is the False Friend word that is between Pretender and Remover
5, If you are struggling, just send an email to Gordon at lightspeedspanish[at]hotmail.co.uk, of course replacing the [at] in the address with an @ symbol.