Cynthia’s Insights The Spanish perspective on life LightSpeed Spanish

In the series on Youtube: Cynthia’s Insights, you have the opportunity to hear Cynthia from Lightspeed Spanish offering her Spanish perspective on all kinds of subjects from pronunciation to the neighbour’s dog.

Normally we see Gordon and Cynthia together as the duo we know so well from all of the free Spanish podcasts and videocasts that they have produced together.

However, in Cynthia’s Insights we get to hear first hand from Cynthia herself as she offers you her own person Spanish perspective and opinion on life as it happens around her.

These Insights are not lessons per se, but they will certainly help you understand not only the Spanish language but also the unique way that Spanish natives talk and think.

So, come and join Cynthia in her celebration of all things Spanish. To see the entire range of Insights, just click HERE.

Of course, if you want to see what we LightSpeed Spanish has to offer then all you need do is to visit or website HERE. We promise you that what we offer will help you to really create a wonderful Spanish for yourself.

The joy of being able to visit a Spanish speaking country and make yourself understood is nothing short of wonderful. Why not start today and really get your Spanish language going forward at LightSpeed.

From multiple free podcasts, to Immersion courses and some highly acclaimed books on how to really improve your Spanish, there really is something for everyone at LightSpeed Spanish.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Un saludo,

Gordon y Cynthia:)