Los Colores and the Balcony of terror! Children’s Spanish learning book LightSpeed Spanish

The first in a series of Spanish for children books!

We are excited to announce the release of our first book of Spanish for children. The Colours and the Balcony of Terror is a fun, interactive book designed for parents and children to enjoy together.  Available from Amazon, (very soon) it provides your child with an easy to learn system of a story that seamlessly grows vocabulary whilst your child (and you) have fun reading a great story together.

Learning really doesn’t get better than this!

What this book promises:

This children’s Spanish learning book has been designed for children who are new to reading and also for adults who like to read to their children. The book comes with an audio which will help you with pronunciation when reading the Spanish words.

It’s also a great idea to have the MP3 playing in the background when your child is within earshot. You will be amazed at how much they take in even when they are pretending to do something else.


The first story in this book is written in English and works to gradually blend your new Spanish vocabulary in a structured and fun way. This should ideally be read by the adult to the child. The second story is written in parallel text, in very simplified Spanish, using a lot of the vocabulary that we have built into the book. Once again, this is for the adult to read with the child. However, children can also read the Spanish story because Spanish is a phonetic language which means that you say it as you see it.

This range of books produced by LightSpeed Spanish has the purpose of introducing your child to some basic Spanish language along with various practical concepts by way of fun stories.