The Perfect Spanish Pronouns Book Now available! LightSpeed Spanish

Our latest book on Spanish Pronouns and how to get the right!

Our latest addition to the ever growing range of books available from LightSpeed Spanish is Perfecting the Pronouns in Spanish. If ever you needed help with Spanish Pronouns, then this is the book for you.

This time, we offer a novel and, dare we say it, simple way of working with those pesky Spanish Pronouns: Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns (AKA LO, LA, LOS, LAS, LE, LES.)
And, of course, there’s so much more than just that! Packed with practical exercises, we cover:
  • Personal Pronouns -Yo, Tú etc.
  • Prepositional Pronouns – Mí, Tí
  • Demonstrative Pronouns – Este, ese
  • Pronominal verbs – Verbs with SE
  • Direct Pronouns – Lo, La
  • Indirect pronouns – Le, Les
  • Redundant use of the pronoun – Le…a
  • La La Land – Se lo, Se la etc.
  • Victim Structure – Se le
  • Identifying the SE – How to know what it is
  • Lo as a thing – Lo bueno
  • When to use Ello 
As always, the book is written in such a way that will be meaningful to the majority of students, especially to those of us that often feel overwhelmed by the ‘hard to understand’ grammatical names and explanations. So, although we offer you the official names of each grammar point and Spanish pronoun, we also give you easy to remember titles for each of them along with lots of handy hooks that will ensure that you remember then well.
Packed with multiple exercises, the book is designed to help you grasp a concept and then immediately put it into practice.
Like all of the books produced by LightSpeed Spanish, this one on Spanish pronouns has been written for students, by students. We are certain that you will find it valuable and we want to thank you for supporting us in the past and going forward into the future.
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Un saludo,
                 Gordon y Cynthia:)