Learn French with your very own French Parallel Text Book LightSpeed French

A French Parallel text book story…and so much more!

Learn French with Victor’s Adventures in France. 

Following on from the fantastic success of LightSpeed Spanish’s book, Victor’s Adventures in Spain, we are now proud to release the French parallel text book, Victor’s Adventures in France.

When you learn French with Victor, you will have the whole fun packed story of his adventures in France. There is simply no book like this on the market. Why? Because Victor’s adventures is a collaboration of multiple learning styles all crammed into one book.

English and French parallel text.

It’s a French parallel text book that has the French and the English side by side making it easy to follow and understand. Of course, there are many French parallel text books on the market, but there aren’t any like this one!

Audio book.

When you learn French with Victor, you will have the whole fun packed story as an audio book. Discover the powerful learning that takes place when we read and listen at the same time!

Grammar book.

Every chapter is headed up with a lesson that will help you understand just what is happening in the story as well as take you by the hand and lead you through the important steps to making your French great!

What level is it?

Victor’s Adventures in France is set at a level that will suit most students. It is a progressive learning system that starts with simple, present tense language, in a French parallel text layout, which gradually moves to an intermediate level and then on to a very decent early advanced level. So, no matter what your current skill is, there is something for you to take when you learn French with Victor.

A collaboration of minds.

Gordon and Cynthia of LightSpeed Spanish have joined forces with Sabine of LightSpeed French to create one of the best learning tools around. What is more, as you begin to learn French with us, you will have access to Sabine so you can ask those all important questions that are sure to come up.

Where can I get my copy?

Victor’s Adventures in France is available now on Amazon. Here are the two main Amazon outlets.



Have fun with it.

We are sure that when you start to study with Victor and really start to learn French that is modern and used on a daily basis, your whole perception of what it means to learn French will change.

We have had real fun producing this book for you and we truly wish you as much fun when you begin to use it as a fundamental part of your French learning journey.

Merci et a bientot,

Sabine, Gordon et Cynthia:)