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A French parallel text book, Audio book and Workbook all rolled
into one!

Over the last year and a half, the team here at LightSpeed Spanish has joined forces with Sabine Sautel to produce Victor’s Adventures in France, a French parallel text book and audio book, filled to the brim with useful exercises.

Following on from the tremendous success of Victor’s Adventures in Spain, our language learners now have the chance to take their French to new levels. This new addition to the ever growing range of language learning books, offers every student of the French language a refreshingly new way to improve their language skills.

Parallel Text, Audio Book and Work Book.

Victor’s Adventures in France is unique in that it offers the student a full range of learning activities. The exciting story of Victor, a young man who decides to move to York, is presented not only as a parallel text story, but is also given to you as an audio book, so you can practice your listening skills, too.

Every chapter in Victor’s Adventures is complemented by a grammar lesson which is then followed up with a short test to be sure you have understood that grammar portion. Of course, everything presented in the book is backed up by Sabine’s Facebook group where you can talk directly to her as well as asking questions of the knowledgeable group members. Why not take a look: Click here to go to her Facebook group: Et si nous parlions français?

How to Download your Audios

The audio files are easy to download. All you do is to look in the section entitled: Your introduction to our system.

Under: ‘How to Download the Audio transcript’, you’ll see the web address. Just copy that into your browser and you will have the files download directly to your device. The files are zipped, so you need to have a ‘zipfile opener’ app to get at the audios. If you are using an Ipad, you can download this app to open the files.

Now available.

Victor’s Adventures in France has now been released and is available from all Amazon outlets. We are sure you will love it.

You can get it here on AMAZON.COM

And here on                   AMAZON.CO.UK

Gordon, Cynthia and Sabine:)