Voted Best Spanish Learning Channel in Youtube 2016 LightSpeed Spanish

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In truth, we never imagined that we would have such a fantastic response from our followers. As soon as we asked everyone for their help there was a massive wave of positive action. So many of you were sending us messages wishing us the best of luck and letting us know that you had voted.  For that we can only say: ¡Muchísimas gracias!

In the overall ranking in the competition set up by EN.BAB.LA we came second. The well deserved winner was a Dutch learning channel headed up by a gentleman called Bart. (He has recently been in touch with a view to sharing best practice!)

However, in terms of other Spanish teachers, LightSpeed Spanish was voted best Spanish learning channel on Youtube.


What makes LightSpeed Spanish stand apart?

One of the main objectives of our channel is to really help people to learn Spanish. We have found over the years that  there is a BIG difference between ‘Teaching’ someone and ‘Helping them’ to learn.

So what we always aim to do is to provide the most clear explanations we can,  making concepts as easy as possible. We avoid jargon at all times and try to inject humour into our viewers learning experience. There’s something about laughing while you learn that really smooths the process along.

Voted the third top language lovers.

Apart from being the best Spanish learning Youtube channel, we also came in third position for the Top language Lovers.

Ours was the first Spanish channel on the list, so we are very happy to have come out as the best Spanish learning resource on Youtube.

It was Cynthia’s idea.

All of this wouldn’t have been posssible if it weren’t for Cynthia (my wife and co-founder of LSS). What happened was that when we first started making Podcasts we were only going to offer audios. After having recorded a few of the original Podcasts, Cynthia said to me: ‘Gordon, why don’t we make a video with each podcast?’

My initial reaction was to say no. I thought it would be too much work and too difficult to do. ¡Vamos, tenía miedo yo!

However, Cynthia insisted and we started recording with a little video camera. Our videos were rough and ready with little or no editing, but people seemed to like them. Each video has a complementary Helpsheet that goes with it and these too have proven to be very popular over the years.

We now have books available.

In addition to our Free learning resources and Youtube channel, we have also produced some very useful study books on Por and Para, The Spanish Subjunctive and the exceedingly popular parallel text book, Victor’s Adventures in Spain.

Each book has been written with you in mind and they provide simple, easy to follow explanations of how to use your Spanish well.

A big thanks.

So, finally we want to return to saying thank you to everyone who has helped us to get to where we are today. We are truly grateful.


Un abrazo muy fuerte,

Gordon y Cynthia:)