Listen to Spanish spoken with a transcription ‘El Miércoles’ Market

Listen to Spanish at the Speed of Light. miercoles

We have chosen to offer a transcription with this particular native Speaker interview. Once you listen to Spanish spoken in the video, you’ll understand why we have chosen this particular one to transcribe.

The video was shot in the weekly market in Torrejón de Ardóz that comes every Wednesday to the town. The reason for our visit was to buy some trousers for my sister from the stall that sells copies of the famous brand, Desigual.

I was shocked.

It’s not easy to listen to Spanish whilst you are outside and lots of things are happening around you, yet normally, I manage quite well.  However, I have to say that when the stall owner began to speak I was really surprised at the speed of the words that were shooting out of his mouth.

Across the years I have had the pleasure of being able to listen to Spanish from all over the world. Some accents are more difficult than others, clearly. However, as I listened to this guy speak, I realised that there were levels of difficulty even higher than I had imagined.

Where is the speaker from?

This is a good question. We never thought to ask him but our best guess is South America, perhaps from Venezuela. However, we cannot be sure of that. The fact is, however, that wherever he is from, he could win a speaking marathon hands down.

Why should I listen to Spanish with the transcription?

The two main issues that every student of the Spanish language has are speaking and listening. Both of these mediums of communication cause us a great deal of discomfort and concern. It’s for that reason that we promote the practice of following a conversation along with the transcription. There is something very powerful in educating you ears to link what are sometimes for us unintelligible sounds with actual words.

The process of showing your mind that THIS SOUND = THIS WORD is very effective. Once your mind has been able to make that link, it will be much easier to recognise that same sound in the future.

Do yourself a favour.

When you listen to Spanish with a transcript you do yourself a big favour. You educate yourself and you coach your mind, allowing it to see and to link previous learnings with new ones. For every student of the Spanish language, this is ‘imprescindible’.

So, it’s for that reason that we now are really pleased to offer the transcript to this and many more native speaker interviews for only 1 British pound. All you need do is click the button below for access.

Gordon 🙂

Video for This Spanish Lesson