Looking for Spanish Work Books? Victor’s Adventures in Spain is for you!

Voted one of the best Spanish Work books and Spanish parallel text stories on the market.slider-image

Victor’s Adventures in Spain has received much positive acclaim since it’s release not only because it is one of the most modern Spanish work books on the market, but also because it has now been voted as one of the best Spanish and English parallel text  books available by speakinglatino.com.

If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with over sixty separate downloads that use cutting edge techniques to help you quickly learn a vast amount of vocabulary and verbs faster than ever. Each of the vocabulary and verb builder audios is complemented by a full range of videos on Youtube.

These vocabulary audios and videos offer up-to-date systems used by many professionals to help with speed of learning and retention. The range of verbs, nouns and adjectives is current and useful, taken directly from the book from practical, day to day situations and conversations. The Spanish vocabulary builder in Victor’s Adventures, the first in our range of Spanish work books, allows you to be able to learn and read with ease the range of language within the story.

Victor’s story starts in York in the U.K. and ends in Toledo, Spain in a rip roaring tale of love, adventure, multiple disasters and lots and lots of food!

Grammar lessons and massive back up resources

Every chapter in Victor’s Adventures is complemented by a grammar lesson which is then followed up with a short test to be sure you have understood that grammar portion. Of course, everything presented in the book is backed up by LightSpeed Spanish’s very own podcasts which can be found on their page https://lightspeedspanish.co.uk/ and also on their Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/LightSpeedSpanish

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Available just about everywhere online.

If you would like to get your copy of Victor’s Adventures in Spain, one of the key parallel Spanish work books for beginners, then just click this link or visit  your closest Amazon online retailer or any other reputable online book seller.


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