Christmas in Spain 2014 Nuestros Mejores Deseos…

¡Felices Fiestas a todos!

Os mandamos saludos mientras pasamos ‘our Christmas in Spain’.

Here we are, spending Christmas in Spain once again. El tiempo vuela (time flies) and it’s five years since we started to make our podcasts for LightSpeed Spanish.

At the beginning we weren’t really sure if our idea was going to be successful in a market that, at the time, seemed already saturated with great Spanish learning resources.

Sin embargo, (however), five years down the line we find ourselves in a great place with an ever increasing group of avid learners who are making their way through our multi-level courses.

Our Book Release

This Christmas has been especially poignant for us  por (because of) the release to the market of our new book, Victor’s Adventures in Spain.

Once again, this was simply an idea we had without any real knowledge of whether it would tener éxito (be successful) or not.

The truth is that it has been a roaring success and we are constantly receiving positive feedback on the usefulness of its content. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us, not only by purchasing the book, but also (no sólo, sino) giving great feedback both to us and in Amazon.

Plans for 2015

Podcasts 31-40

After we bring to an end our Christmas in Spain we are back to work with a vengeance.  Our plan is to create podcasts 31-40 using all the great suggestions that we have received from our supporters and many practical tips and suggestions to make your Spanish una maravilla (wonderful).

Transcriptions and Translations

We will soon be releasing the transcriptions and translations of many of our Native Speaker interviews to assist your listening comprehension. Following a transcription of a native speaker as they speak is one of the best ways of tuning in your ear!

Our new book ‘Demystifying the Subjunctive’

We are now working on our next project which will complement the series of massively popular Subjunctive videos that so many people have benefited from already. The book will be filled with simple, easy to follow explanations and lots and lots of practical, day to day exercises to test your understanding and help you really get to grips with the subjunctive.

We anticipate its release for the autumn of 2015 (si no antes).


 Un Próspero Año Nuevo

We would like to finish by saying an enormous MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS to everyone who has helped and encouraged us this year. We promise to keep helping you to develop your Spanish so that you can really enjoy the multiple benefits of being bilingual (or more).

Un abrazo enorme,

Gordon y Cynthia (y Sebastián, claro.)