Victor’s Adventures Spanish Textbook Audiobook and Parallel Text Novel


Las Aventuras de Víctor en España.

Victor’s Adventures in Spain.

¡Ya está a la venta! – It’s now for sale!

Now, after what seems like a lifetime, our latest Spanish Textbook, Audiobook and Parallel textbook is available online.

Purchase the book from

Purchase the book from

It’s available from all other Amazon outlets throughout the world.

We are so excited to hear the reaction from the many people who have been anxiously waiting for its release.

There’s a lot of competition out there!

We know full well that there are quite literally thousands of books out there all aiming to help you with your Spanish and we have bought many really exceptional ones, too. However, what we have found is that they tend to be very focussed on one particular style.

They tend to limit themselves by either being a Spanish textbook, a workbook, a parallel text book or an audio book. We’ve combined the lot!

We think we’ve covered all the bases.

What we have focussed on in our book is to provide you, the learner, with a full range of learning that involves every sense. As you make you way through the 32 chapters you will be helped to use all of your learning senses.

You’ll be listening, reading, writing and if you follow our advice, reading out loud as you go.

The story

The story starts out in simple, straight forward Spanish as it tells of a young man called Victor who decides to move to Toledo, in Spain, to start a new life. From the beginning, he finds himself in a series of practical situations and much to his surprise at times, not all of them work out the way he would have wanted!

As you share this adventure with Victor, you’ll discover how to deal with the real, day to day stuff of spending time in a Spanish speaking country. As the book progresses, so does the level of Spanish until, finally, you are guided through to a very decent advanced intermediate Spanish. (Or more!)

Parallel text

Every Spanish chapter is laid out, side by side with its English translation, making it easy to see just how the two languages work to tell the same story. We have aimed to ensure that this parallel text story only uses a language that is modern, practical and a one that you can pick up and use right away!

The audio book

Cynthia, a native speaker from Madrid in Spain and co-owner of LightSpeed Spanish, reads the entire story, starting out at an easy pace and building, just as does the language of the story, to a very decent level of listening comprehension. Of course, the beauty of it all is that you can follow along in the book as Cynthia reads the story, or you can simply listen to the audio and really hone your listening skills. We recommend that you do both.

The Spanish textbook / workbook bit

We believe in making our chapters memorable as well as understandable to all and that’s why we have included a Lesson at the beginning of every chapter. This will help you to comprehend so much more of what you are reading and hearing. These light, brief grammar lessons will truly round out your learning journey and move your Spanish forward at LightSpeed.

The Learning Zone

Using Gordon’s skills from his experience as a hypnotherapist, we have created a series of audios designed to help you get into the learning zone and massively increase your learning ability and memory retention.  Every professional knows that for them to get the very best results they must get into the “Zone”. The very same applies to you and your Spanish!

Vocabulary building and Useful Expressions.

We included a wide range of vocabulary building audios and videos as well as a compendium of great Spanish expressions that will serve you well and help you to understand the book, and even more importantly, Spanish speakers so much more easily.

 We really hope you like it and that it helps.

The most gratifying part of what we do is knowing that we are really helping others to learn Spanish well. We have had so many really wonderful emails and messages thanking us for the information we provide and we will continue to do so as long as there continues to be a demand for what we offer.

We wish you the best of luck in your studies and if you do decide to get a copy of Victor’s Adventures, we sincerely hope it helps you to move your Spanish forward at LightSpeed.


un abrazo muy fuerte,

Gordon y Cynthia. 🙂